Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review: [Takara Tomy] Transformers Alternity Convoy -Super Black-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Origin Series: Transformers: Alternity
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14.5cm tall
Original Price: 4,725 yen

Figure Box:

The Alternity boxes are pretty neat, they're very very small and very very portable. While at the same time, sporting a somewhat fine appearance having more of the front a window while leaving a bit of blue, in different shades, in the side along with the an artwork of the character, which in this case is the reformed Nemesis Prime. The back of the box features the gimmicks of the Alternity figure.

Figure Details:

Going to the vehicle mode first, Nemesis Prime in his Alternity Auto-Avatar transforms into a Nissan GT-R and is obviously in Nemesis Prime colors, which would be Black.

The car is very very nice, his windows are clear and you can actually see an interior of the car if you look through it. The doors and the hood can also be popped out as an additional gimmick here and popping out the hood will give you an engine frame which is a really nice touch for Takara Tomy. The lights are well made as well. Basically I love GT-Rs and, yeah, the Alternity line really have great vehicle modes (especially for the seekers). So yeah, it's almost as dashing as the real one XD

Going on the Robot mode, well, he basically still retains some features that will easily convince you that he is an Optimus Prime in a new look. Transforming the Alternity Convoy mode can be a little difficult but for me, complex transformations really work since they give me challenge in transforming them. XD

Following Nemesis Prime's colors, his eyes again are red. The robot contains a lot more of details you imagine, and they are pretty crisp, lots of machinery details here and the robot mode looks extremely nice (one of my favorite Prime molds), he doesn't look wide, he doesn't look fat either, though some might say his arms are very thin, and I would have to agree on that but overall, he doesn't look weird and even manages to maintain that awesome and somewhat menacing look suitable for one who a former corrupted Prime.

Last bits of the detail section, I'll head on to the last gimmick; Alternity Convoy molds use light pipes and they're dashingly good, BUT alternity's light pipe are kind of weird, since the lightpipe is plain transparent crystal and the eyes are just like some colored decal, so, at times, you might encounter some chips on the eyes which kinda turns off some people (like me).

For the colors, well, he's really SUPER black such that from a distant look, you won't actually be able to recognize his magnificent details which in another case is a little con for Alternity Nemesis Prime; and lastly, he's a little back heavy but yeah he's not bad, he can stand straight just fine without falling, you'll just need to adjust his ankles.


Alternity TFs are quite limited in this field due to their designs but yeah they can still pack some pretty nice poses and here are the breakdown of Nemesis Prime's joints:
- ball jointed neck, wrist and toes (though they are all pretty limited to what they can do)
- a hinge on the elbows and knees
- a swivel right above the hinge on the elbow and his thighs
- a swivel-hinge mixture on his shoulders and his hips

Well, yeah, he has no waist joint due to his design but this guy, just standing makes him ridiculously cool already but yeah, it's too bad he doesn't have any waist joints but still his shoulders can be lifted to around 90 degrees thanks to his very adjustable shoulder pads and you won't really need his wrist articulation since his weapon would be a flippable blaster from the back of the car seat found near his hands in roboy mode. Supposedly, he'd end up having the same problem as Recon Ironhide for standing but thanks to his "toe" joint, he can be pretty much balanced and the heels he have does help in making him stand and keep his balance. Overall, he can't do much dynamic poses and since he's just using arm blasters well, he doesn't have much unless you get the TFC Gears of War Weapon set for him.

Final Thoughts:

Basically he's a pretty recommended buy for Nemesis Prime fans and similarly to Convoy fans, the mold is highly recommendable but yeah if you just love the mold and not Nemesis Prime, well, just go with then Vibrant Red version or the Ultimate Silver versions or Magnus for a change since they do pop up the details more with their more visibility friendly color schemes. The Alternity Convoy is pretty neat though some might not be willing the said price for something that's only in deluxe class size (more likely).

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8.5
Price 8.5

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