Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Update: Review Section Renewal

And the first to get the renewal would be these guys above

So yeah, I've finally started to renew the blog and here's a bit of info about it.

While I'm still thinking of switching to a hosted Wordpress site (so I can fully customize the site) I'm still considering the fact that images here in blogspot goes to picasa web albums and it's in a sense unlimited since with the limit reached, I'll just have my images resized to 800 pixels which is still good, while a hosted WP site would have me limited in space. So yeah, while I still think that over, I decided to renew my reviews section since some of you probably do not dig those pics with random fonts there for my reviews section.

While a little in the process of being completed, I'll give you guys a sneak of how it will look like when all the pages are finally done. If you go here, you'll be able to see how the actual new figure reviews page will look like and as of now, there's only one working link there, which goes back to the main image of this post; my recent line addition, the Transformers, so, yeah, I won't be updating the Hasbro/Takara sections on the old reviews section but instead it'll be updating them in the new transformers review section.

Also, I'll put out the pending reviews soon enough so say good bye to that and a little adjustments would be implemented here in the main site while the layout will probably take longer than usual since I'm having my sister try to implement it here.

Oh yeah, just a little more side updates, I'm only left with Archbishop nendo and the Kyun Chara Ryoko and Yuki sets for shoot backlogs, so, for those who have been anticipating the end of the Everlasting Bonds arc in my photostory, The Eternal Song; then the continuation will definitely be put up this month and it will be another 2 episode release after a long hiatus on the said project; so, stay tuned!

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