Monday, June 6, 2011

June Haul: The 2nd Wrecker

Just... one... more...

Apparently my trip over different places last Saturday led me to discover this!

After getting items from my supplier, I went to GH and checked items out but I saw this guy's Takara ver which wasn't anything different from the Hasbro so yeah saw a War Axe and my sis asked me to buy it and that she'd pay me later on, which I did and after my round trip on the shops, I went to the DotM Toy Launch in a mall near my house. So yeah, I saw a bunch of exclusive deluxes and some future waves that will arrive here, and saw this guy for his srp... I asked if those were for sale and they said yes, sooooo, yeah, without any money left I went home and thought about it.

Eventually earlier, it was so hot and I had nothing to do (lazy to shoot but I did in the evening) and had no one to talk to... So yeah, I told my sister we return to the Toy Launch (so I'd get fine airconditioning as well) and yeah, after much hesitation, I used up my money for this guy... Thus, I have no more money for the incoming Toycon (or hopefully I can produce a miracle XD)

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