Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Hauls: Wave 3 5-packs

Lucky finds throughout the week! 8D

And yeah even more broke for Toycon lol!

I really thought I wouldn't be able to find these 5 packs anymore since aside from the wave 5, the wave 3 5-packs were the rarest sights for me (aside from Overrun and the Stunticons) and you'd actually even find Grimstone easier than these guys. Last Tuesday we went to Eastwood late and it seems Toytown was still open even in around 9-ish time thanks to Eastwood mall hours, so yeah, the usual checks on TFs and I saw effin Stakeout, one of the 3 rarest 5-packs here, and though he's not much of a priority he is indeed rare and I really want a Smolder mold but I would pass on Smolder since I already have the Chopster mold, and I only need 1 of that. So yeah, and getting Stakeout would allow me to do semi symmetrical limbs using the combaticon drone molds and gain some aerialbot drones as well since I do not plan to take home Skyburst in any means, so, with my sister's help since salary comes til next week, I got Stakeout since that's the only time I saw him.

3 Days later, since every Friday, we pass by SM North Edsa, I always check on TK and TK Express, and it just so happens when we're about to go home after the check there's a separate TF shelf where Stakeout was there, AGAIN! So yeah, me on a lookout for PCC Crankase, checked out the shelf since an appearance of a wave 3 5pack might mean there's the other. So, by pure luck, there was one Crankcase that suddenly appeared and I got him! (OH YEAH BLACK HUFFER!!) And so that wraps up my hauls for the week XD

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