Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Limited Kamen Rider Wild Chalice

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Kamen Rider Blade
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 5,500 Yen

Figure Box:

Being an exclusive as it is, this is the online release one which means it comes with the brown box but unfortunately, my shot of the brown box is busted for some reason so I didn't upload it. But yeah, this is the reissue of the same SIC Wild Chalice that appeared as an event exclusive back in 2008 (or 2007 I think), but of course, this reissue is again another event exclusive which eventually had an online release and thus, allowed me to grab one and finally ending my Blade targets since it's only Blade and Chalice that I liked in that show. The 2010 release has a new box depicting a somewhat weird shadowed earth/moon or something with a horn but it's basically tamashii's logo lololol. But yeah, the box is in no way as awesome as the first release.

Figure Details:

Now as like all SIC designs, this takes Wild Chalice's suit design to whole new level; this makes the body armor more fit and everything while at the same time enlarging Wild Chalice's undead chest where the mark of I think the mantis resides and the greatest thing about it is that the chest piece is made of really awesome clear dark green plastic. Now asfor some of Chalice's spikes, they're further made edgy here and thus, makes it a really badass look though since Chalice is the warrior of hearts from the cards, his visors are now shaped to look more like a heart for emphasis but it still looks good enough even if it is such. And overall, Wild Chalice is heavily armored in this rendition since apparently every samurai-ish armor was improved and were made larger and the use of metallic red for him just makes the details pop out much MUCH more.


For his accessories, he has 2 sets of extra hands along with his weapons, the Wild Slasher and the Chalice Arrow; which is pretty much everything Wild Chalice has or at least in what we saw in the series.

And of course, the Wild Slasher can be inserted into the Chalice Arrow to form Wild Chalice's Wild Rouzer for his finisher move the Wild Cyclone; while at the same time, as instructed by the manual, you can pull out Wild Chalice's belt buckle and attach it to his Chalice Arrow as well but yeah, it might look weird since the buckle is missing and you'll have to see two holes... XD

Additionally and really supposed to be, each of the wild slasher can be stored at the back of Wild Chalice's thigh guards although the difference from the original suit design would be that the sheaths for the slashers are gone and you just have to attach them directly giving a somewhat more biological look as Chalice is supposedly one, so yeah, it's a pretty neat touch which adds a plus to this SIC and what's more, Wild Chalice can reach them 8D


Typical SIC joints are all over him; his neck uses two ball joints one for the top and one at the bottom which would function for looking extensively up and down respectively and of course, the ball joints does allow great swiveling since even the neck itself can swivel thanks to the ball joint on the bottom.

Now since Chalice is rather back at the volume 30+-ish SICs, his elbow joints are single hinges though it does bend quite nicely since it can do for about 135 degree bending; and yeah, the rest are the same, a bicep swivel and a ball joint on the shoulders though his shoulder is heavily limited by the shoulder pads compared to others since the pads are quite stiffly attached to the main armor and does not move too much thus limiting the shoulders extensively on both normal rotation and sideways.

Torso and waist remain the same as powered by ball joints.

Similarly to the arm, his hips are ball jointed but again is blocked heavily by the thigh guards since if you force it, the guards pop off which was a little annoying for me. Iirc, he does have thigh swivels but I'm not too sure cause I forgot to explore that XD And lastly, his knees are also single hinged with the ankles acting on ball joints.

IMO Wild Chalice is especially nice with the Wild Slasher and that's the winning accessory for me since he doesn't grip onto the Chalice Arrow that well which sucks sometimes. But yeah, two major gripes is that when making him stand, he legs would often look distorted for some reason and of course, the articulation limit the design is causing. But yeah overall still a good figure compared to certain SIC Limited of a newere generation but really had me get a :| face.

Final Thoughts:

I seriously think Wild Chalice is an example of how SICs should be, good for display and not really for play since the first few volumes were semi-articulated static figures complete with bases. But yeah, his SIC rendition is definitely good but if you're after articulation, he's one of the lesser flexible SICs since even King Form didn't have this much limitation. But yeah, if you simply love SICs, then Wild Chalice is a sure winner and I still highly recommend him despite my articulation gripes. But if not, then you may have to think twice or more on getting him, though, if you're a Chalice fan, then yeah, go for it.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Price 9

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