Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid Petit Black ★ Rock Shooter -B★RS Limited Edition Blu-Ray & DVD Set Bundle-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 6.5cm tall
Original Price: 4,200 Yen (Limited Edition BD+DVD release)

Set Contents:

Basically here's the breakdown of the set but first the overall box of boxes; Now the overall box design is EPIC at its every angle, particularly each side of the box features one of 4 BRS world girls we see in the OVA and they're all in grayscale which makes them more awesome for some reason and BRS mainly being the front and having a luminous flame effect overall, I just really love the design. It also has a jacket for more solid protection of the said case it's transparent and designed with chains all over, so yeah, really really neat. :>

It is a pretty heavy baggage all in all an opening it reveals a number of stuff in it.

There's of course, the Blu-ray disc container and yeah so, where's the DVD? it's included in the Blu-ray disc case as well, with different designs for each of the discs, there's also two pamplets there and one of them is for the game coming out this August. So yeah, the others would be the Graphics book (GRPX), the storyboard (SRBD) and, of course, the main topic of this post, the nendoroid petits (NDRP). The thickest and the heaviest piece here would be the Storyboard book, well, it's also the most useless one of the contents since it's pretty much how the animation went... in really abstract sketches!

Now the Graphics book basically contains around 4 official artworks of huke (one seemingly new when I first opened it where Mato and Yomi are holding hands) while the rest are sketches of scenes from the OVA which is really nice. ^^

And now the main attraction, the petits, the box is pretty plain; checked as usual and when a silhouette of BRS and DM along with their weapons. It's pretty small and portable so those who can get the set without the others wouldn't have to worry about the shipping cost XD

Figure Details:

BRS overall is nicely done, she still retains her shiny black paint apps and pretty much everything you would need is there, huke-ish eyes, her scars, the white lines on her jackets as well as the stars. No details were done poorly and her hair is quite nicely done as well.


There's a transparent plastic tab included in here which you need to peg on the back of her front hairpiece and through here, attach her included blue flame. Accessory wise she comes with her two weapons: the Black Blade and the Rock Cannon but the Rock Cannon has a direct arm attached in it. And lastly, they are provided a special base aside from the default petit bases but alas, I will show the use of this base in Dead Master's review.


Basically BRS has generic petit articulation, waist, shoulder and wrist swivels and ball jointed neck; but she has a swivel for the longer tail and also for the flame (iirc), the shorter of the tail is ball jointed instead, weird huh? XD

BRS was meant to do standing poses so yeah, her Rock Cannon isn't so awesome since it was built for her to hold it in way that it's standing on ground. Pretty much she's more fun without any weapons since with the weapons, she can just hold them... standing... though like in my main pic, you have her hold both so she would look nice even with just standing. You can opt to remove the Rock Cannon from her hand and make her hold it the other way around so you can make more use of it but in my case, I couldn't peg the hand back to the cannon properly after that. XD

Final Thoughts:

For me BRS is the weaker of the set but yeah, still pretty much good in her own though I practically enjoyed her when displayed together with DM but as a single figure on her own, she isn't that great IMO. Though considering the whole set itself it's pretty neat of a price to grab all of these, and it's very much cheaper and more in value than the DVD release of nendo puchi Sharo.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 9
Price 9

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