Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid Petit Dead Master -B★RS Limited Edition Blu-Ray & DVD Set Bundle-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 6.5cm tall
Original Price: 4,200 Yen (Limited Edition BD+DVD release)

Set Contents:

I'll be skipping this part since Dead Master's review is sort of a part 2 review already of the BRS BD/DVD set bundle; you just view the set breakdown back at part 1: BRS.

Figure Details:

Retaining Dead Master's features, pure conservative clothing her claws with some ribbons and sporting a pair of wings along with a horn, DM's details are shall I say complete in every sense though not as highly detailed as larger figure I really would praise GSC for a good work on her (they even got her "sexy" back right there 8'D) so yeah, and in all seriously, DM has the more cute appeal in the face of the two, so yay DM! 8D


Though no pic, one of the obvious ones would be the stand again and the checkered base I showed in the previous review (which I will be discussing later on). Dead Master has her trusty Dead Scythe and an option hand for her to hold it, additionally though she doesn't have petit versions of her skull slaves, she does come with a bent left arm.


Retaining the same articulation points of standard petits (shoulder, waist, wrist swivels and a ball jointed neck) she has and additional swivel on her back for the wings so you can actually make the go flap flap XD.

Having been armed with an extra arm and along with a slightly bent left leg as its sculpt, Dead Master can range from pure cute to pure awesome dynamic, and definitely wins the pack as a good buy. By a little tilting, Dead Master can be displayed at really dynamic poses for a nendoroid petit which is really uncommon, her parts given the limited set of articulation just blend in too well that it enables her to be fun over the more usual petit fun level.

And now, thanks to the checkered base, you can display them both in the same base since it's filled with ball sockets so you can plug petit stands in there and such display BRS and DM side to side OR like what I did, a somewhat showdown!

Final Thoughts:

Overall despite the lack of awesomeness BRS had, using the special base kind of jacks up her fun factor and actually make her pose appropriate but as this section is for the reviewed figure, I will stop getting carried off XD

Anyway, as individual pieces packed together, Dead Master is a lot of times superior to BRS in this pack, as she totally won it for me. A really cute face with an really awesome possibility to be posed at a wicked action pose; DM really racks of the set value for me and thus makes the so-so set go above average for me.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 9
Price 9

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