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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Dark of the Moon MechTech Human Alliance Backfire with Spike Witwicky

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10.5cm tall
Original Price: 10 USD

Figure Blister Card:

Package wise it's pretty much the same as deluxe packing only for a smaller scale, so yeah, you can read comments over from my first DotM deluxe class review. It's a shame though that the moonish craters do not exist for Human Alliance "Basic" figures; anyway since it's human alliance there's got to be a human (or humanoid size) included with the bot which I really don't care much on. His art features his vehicle mode along with his partner riding him, not really appealing in any way though.

Figure Details:

Backfire's vehicle mode is a Can-Am Spyder which we saw quite in numbers back in the first few minutes of Revenge of the Fallen when N.E.S.T. was about to hunt down Demolisher. Now, he does use plastic gray but it's quite different and is DEFINITELY less cheap looking than some gray plastic used, it's finished in quite fine matte gray as well as some black which actually is one of the reasons why I got Backfire, his paint apps are definitely great for a Hasbro finish. And the silver autobot logo on the matte black definitely a nice overall touch.

Additionally, he has two identical c-joint weapons which can be clipped onto his back for N.E.S.T. unit firepower.

Going to the bot mode, well, it's a little weird since he has really thin legs and weird arms and for those who might think doesn't have hands, he does (see in one of the pics below) though it really looks soooo weird; his head though is very bad ass for an autobot he looks menacing thanks to a battle mask of sorts and a visor like Soundwave; and what I think is cool is that his chest the engine and it's completely finished in silver paint so yeah, he's still pretty cool and thanks to his odd hands, you'd basically think that the bulk armor near his real hands are the real deal and in addition his c-joint weapons are also attached to that said bulk of armor. So yeah, the real downer here for me is really just his ugly legs.

And if you noticed the back of his head, he does have light piping and compared to others, it's hellishly sensitive, just a little hit of light would let it epicly glow to awesome proportions, so yeah, plus point for the wonderful piping.

Unlike the regular Human Alliance figures, these "basic" (that's what they call em') human alliance figures are likely what hasbro can offer to us in scout class sizes since the new commander class figures are smaller, and yeah, Backfire pretty much stands the same as Breacher but obviously smaller by a bit as all DotM figures are.

And as the packaging states, he has a 3rd mode though it's supposed to be hover bike or something, it obviously looks like a your typical alien-ish BFG.

Though sporting the same colors and leaves traces of being a motorcycle, it does, by all means, look like particle cannon of sorts and the best thing, the actual mouth hole of the gun is using the same clear orange plastic used for Backfire's eyes in his bot mode which makes it overall convincing as a weapon.

And these 3rd modes are mostly made to be target masters, meaning they can be used as weapons by bigger transforms much like the minicons back in the PCC line. And yeah, while Deluxes can indeed hold them, it's pretty much better to give him to Voyagers or Leaders since he fits better with them and yeah, his handle does have a swivel so you can adjust and make it capable of being shoulder mounted or just a weapon of mass destruction by hand.

And lastly, his human partner which... ironically was named as Spike Witwicky (remember G1?) Anyway, I think he's one of the better human figures just because of the fact that he's wearing a helmet which makes him cool but yeah, other than that... I don't really give attention to the human figures. XD


Basically Backfire has only has a neck swivel so he can't look up nor down and is pretty much limited as it is but still good enough rather than nothing.

Going to his arms, his shoulders are mainly hinges which has a swiveling point to where the hinge is connected so you still get what you can call a good range for the shoulders; now the weird part is his elbows have a hinge... but... it's made sidewards soooo yeah... you get it, it's only useful for going to the direction of his chest XD And yeah, there aren't any bicep swivel to help you make good use of this joint.

For a change, his hips are ball-jointed and you probably know how good it is already; additional he has a thigh swivel and a knee hinge but due to his knees being to high up, it does look weird at times.

Overall Backfire ain't bad with the poses, despite having weird elbow joints and you can most likely use his guns and treat them as dual pistols and do crazy stuff with them and surprisingly, Backfire's elbow joints does help in making those pretty neat dual gun poses so yeah, he's pretty fun around by himself and even more so if you love to equip some of your transformers with badass weapons and stuff

Final Thoughts:

Now overall Backfire's a pretty nice Scout class and really the paint is just magnificent in this one and you can see it for yourself if you look at this guy and his 3rd mode's very cool; it's definitely good with cybertronian versions of transformers regardless of their allegiance. Well anyway, I would recommend getting backfire from the 1st wave of HA basics as he's probably the one of the best ones in paint apps out of all DotM wave 1 figures and again, he's not pretty bad despite having some oddities with him.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Price 9

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