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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Power Core Combiners Huffer with Caliburst -Part 1-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Power Core Combiners
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 11.5cm tall
Original Price: 10 USD

Figure Blister Card:

Huffer's art is pretty well done, you get to his awesome alt mode with his partner acting as a turret behind. The vehicle mode is interesting like hell, and I'll go into details for that on the next section, as for the rest, as always, read on the first PCC review here for my comments on it.

Figure Details:

Taking on his awesome vehicle mode first! Frankly, if you've watched the G1, you would know what's his vehicle mode already and it's none other than a truck. Although since the Power Core is likely, though officially denied of its place in the continuity, in the Movieverse, so yeah, a little design change and his vehicle mode happens look this time like a mini version of Movie Optimus' truck mode only in yellow, and yeah, it's pretty detailed and definitely one of the most appealing alt modes across all the PCC commanders and again, my only concern woul be the light blue pegs of doom which always looks off because of moving away too much from the character's colors.

The Robot mode does differ a lot from G1 Huffer and this he does brandish a slight Jazz-ish look and yeah, it's pretty neat (and it gets better on the Torso). Overall he's quite wide which does look odd as his entire body fits the proportions but his head looks very small. But yeah, I love the colors and combiner pegs aren't really sticking out this time unless you choose to (so big plus for me, YAY!) And neatly enough, his hands are in full silver, and when Hasbro does it in silver, they do it GOOD, though a waste since the few remaining robotical frames are in plastic gray, so yeah, they could've paint it the same since it ain't much but yeah, these remaining frames aren't completely visible and the part is pretty much my nitpicking XD Lastly, I love the fact that his back isn't that hollow unlike the others thanks to his kibble and yeah, they don't look like weird car pieces spread apart.

So now we go to his minicon partner, Caliburst. Caliburst sports a pretty awesome look he's got a fine head and his clear blue plastic blends well with the silver/plastic gray solid pieces and the best of it, he's got a friggin gun barrel on his left arm, so, yeah he's an awesome minicon in bot mode.

Now going to the many modes, I'll start with his Vehicle weapon mode, it's pretty much achieved by folding Caliburst all over and he forms the Turret/Crane for Huffer's alt mode depending on its orientation. And yeah, Huffer's alt mode has a powerlinx so you can lug Caliburst there.

Now the 2nd weapon type is of course for his bot mode and this does look like a very cool weapon, it's like a railgun which is bound to be held upside down or something and yeah, apparently due to fan mode-ing in this mode will also make him a pretty nice shoulder cannon which you might see in other future reviews.

And the only way to attach it to Huffer is to plug it on the powerlinx peg on his right arm and poof, you have an awesome arm blaster for Huffer!

Now the last mode would be another armor mode which all minicons in the PCC have.

And to attach it to Huffer, there's a black panel in his chest and if you flip it, it turns into another powerlinx port so you can perfectly place his armor mode in it.

So yeah, his Armor mode looks stupid thanks to Caliburst's mounter gun in it, so yeah, you can choose to remove it or rotate it 180 to make it look flat or do it like what I did.


Now his head is ball jointed thus again giving probably the best type of neck joint anyone could ever want currently and thanks to his design, you can bend down his head by a full 90 degrees.

His arm articulation is very nice as his shoulders are ball jointed and the catch, like Darkstream, have a double jointed hinge elbow and even though he has no bicep swivel, the lower of the elbow joint is ball jointed compensating for the lost bicep swivel.

Now his hip joints slightly differ this time as it is a hinge-swivel combination instead of the usual ball joint and thuse giving the same degree of poseability but much tighter but yeah if you're unlucky, it might get loose. He does have thigh swivel and a knee hinge but yeah thanks to a very short thigh he has, his kneeling poses will look really and extremely weird. XD

Now Huffer has a great level of poseability and is pretty fun to pose around (and yeah, most of the PCC scout sizes are). And thanks to Caliburst, he does some pretty cool poses thanks to his partner and you can play around with its orientation.

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, Huffer's probably one of the best in the early waves of the PCC line and not to mention, he's got a VERY osom Truck mode (cause he's a mini Prime man! (OoO)b ) and not to mention the bot mode's kinda cool too despite him having quite a small head but yeah, he's nowhere near the awesomeness that is Heavytread but really one mean machine and wait til you see a preview of his awesome Torso mode. So yeah, he's pretty much worth his pricepoint and I got him for clearance (F Yeah!) thanks to me getting seriously into TFs at a late time.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Price 10


Now here's a preview of his Torso mode while I still haven't thought off anything to combine with him, and seriously... he looks like Menasor :p Which is osom and dat Light Pipe is EPIC.

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