Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Figma SP-13 Dead Master

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 3,000Yen

Figure Box:

And now for the review of the Rival, and also my last of the figma backlogs at this moment. Again the box design is not changed except for the sample shot beside and the color and of course, as they are all color coded, Dead Master's color is, of course, of the green shade. But yeah same sentiments as the others, it's not that attractive for me.

Figure Details:

Now the details are neat, there aren't any white lines of mess on her and her hair is quite nicely done and are in soft material. And as mentioned in the recently reviewed Black Gold Saw, her horns are done in a quite translucent plastic and so is her wings and they're pretty solid plastic pieces so yeah, you wouldn't need to worry about these being fragile. And of course unlike the other 2, she wears a skirt and it's made up of hard plastic so yeah, you probably know of the consequences later on already. Her details overall are nice but since DM wears fit and tight dress, it's a little odd to look at the visible joints sometimes but that's just your blogger nitpicking now XD But anyway, the major off thing on me is that why the heck does the stand peg hole have to be placed near her oshiri point... It's just disturbing sometimes XD


Now Dead Master does come with probably everything you'll need already, her Deadscythe being the most important is of course included (else they'd rip us off) And additionally, we have her two skulls each with a stand of their own and in different lengths although a regular figma stand would've made it more awesome. And the usual handsets and figma stand are included; and as an extra expression, we have her lick face which I think was lacking and definitely Dead Master was lacking faces in many ways (and I don't think I'm the only one who thinks the same).

And as the usual cut out and similarly to the other two, we get DM's logo but what's weird for me is why's it orange?? 0_o


No pictures of joints testing this time since she's another blast from the past review. But yeah, generally like most figmas, there are figma joints scattered all over her body: the neck, the shoulders, the elbows, the knees and the ankles; while her hips and torso are ball jointed.

Having general articulation points and types, Dead master is indeed very very poseable and yeah the only drawback for me is that because of the skirt again, you can't raise her legs that much but the greatest thing is that she's completely poseable in many many ways and she can friggin' grip her Deadscythe with both her hands which make it really nice, she has a great poseability and is seemingly fit for a lot of sexy action goodness, and additionally, her skulls have hinges on their mouths added more greatness when posed together. So yeah, if you just ignore where the stand is pegged, then she's totally awesome. But like all the BRS girls her hands tend to hinge down due to the Scythe's weight but of all, she has the best gripping hand for the big weapons IMO.

I didn't make any vs BRS poses but I did try to imitate one of huke's artworks where DM was holding a sleeping BRS on her hands, and that picture comes after (one zoomed and one not).

Final Thoughts:

For me really, getting a BRS yields to getting the DM counterpart as a must so yeah, by all means if you have figma BRS, go for her, though seemingly lacking expressions, the she most action-y from the 3 and a real sweetheart, ahahaha. I just love DM (so yeah I'm biased) and of course, would recommend her as she's not yet that hard to find these days. XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 9.5
Price 10

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