Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Update: Guest Author, homerunchan

Really couldn't find an appropriate pic XD
But by character, Suzuha is an appropriate "Guest"

And now, introducing the 3rd Author that had appeared in the blog~

homerunchan will really be more of a guest author than a regular one like that of fifthStitch (who is currently MIA since he's busy with his thesis). Though I told her she's free to post anything figure/anime/video game related, Ihavenoidea (intended) how often or how rare homerunchan will be posting here. XD She's an artist, a reader (hence expect a whole lot of difference on our reviews) and what I would like to call as the one who got me to play one of the original Touhou games (and not some castevania-ish one) and some games here and there from time to time; she's also a gamer, and she's a LOT better than me in majority of games (except CV of course, lololol)

But anyway, she's probably more on posting reviews but still, I'm not sure since, again, she can post anything she wants that in scope of the blog XD She's already made a review but it's more of a collaboration review since the shots were mine but everything else is hers hence she wants to be a contributor only XD But anyway, hope the readers have enjoyed her initial review of Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet :3

homerunchan is also part of the blogging team at Team Onii-chan! Figure Blog and she also has her personal blog which you can visit (also listed down in my blogroll). XD


  1. ooooh, you really HAD to post that CV part, didn't you? HAHAHAHAHA

  2. ^ Of course so I won't be too sucky =))