Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet Review

Hi guys~! This is "contributor" at your service for today, so expect a different kind of review rather than the one you usually see here.

Today's review will be The "Devil's little sister" Nendoroid 136: Flandre Scarlet. (though her box spells her name Frandre Scarlet.)

Here are the usual details murakami tries put up when he does a figure review:

Manufacturer: GSC
Figure no: 136
Character name: Flandre/Frandre Scarlet

Here's a little bit of info about Flandre and where she comes from: She's from a list of bullet-hell type games called "Touhou Project" made by ZUN, though she only appeared as an extra boss and as another extra boss in Touhou 6- Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and Touhou 9.5- Shoot the bullet.

Her title is: " Sister of The Devil" the "Devil" portraying to her older sister Remilia Scarlet, but enough of the introduction, let's start doing the review!

A typical nendoroid box with three windows, one on the front and two on the sides, the box also shows pictures of flandre in different poses and the huge window gives us a view of what to expect when buying her.The box is lightweight and small yet it still serves as a protector of the figure inside, though it might not last when handled roughly.
The box design is made up of pink bats and a yellow background, which gives it a cute factor.
score: 9/10

Flandre comes with two extra faceplates: a crazed-looking Flandre and an innocently smiling Flandre, she also comes with a hand to hold her laevetainn ( or levateinn, whatever.), two "clawed" hands, two different shoulder parts, her big fluffly mob cap, her staff/stick laeveteinn, and finally her attention catching wings.

Her "crazed" expression is a win, a very different expression from the ones you see in other nendoroids, since it also fits her personality. (a little bit on the retarded side.), while her innocent smile is more of a "ok" face, since some other nendoroids have almost the same expression, though this one still shines in itself. makes Flandre look really cute.

Her mob cap is all cute and fluffy, and it fits her head perfectly, her "clawed" hands have a good amount of details, you could see the nails even when a little bit far away, and her laeveteinn fits to her hand perfectly, instead of having a peg like Remilia's gungnir, this one only needs to have it pushed in her hand.

I must say the buy factor for this nendoroid is her wings herself, I mean, look at it! the crystals looks so pretty and colorful, GSC did a very good job in copying the exact color from the official artwork.
score: 10/10

Not much to say here, you could change the hands and all, but she only comes with two standard feet the you could swivel front and back, left and right, it would have been better if GSC used the newer pegs instead of the ones where you can only make them stand.
score: 6/10

Do not mind the orange mark in there lol, came from an accident one time >_> anyway, her base, like all touhou nendoroids, has a motif, this one being her crystals with the moon in the background, A little bit boring, since it's almost the same with her sister's base, the only difference being the crystals - bats. well at least her base is not as boring as the other nendoroids.
score: 7/10

GSC did a very good paint job on her (or rather, QC control.) only a few "miss" here and there, but they're so small that you would'nt even get bothered by them, though I've already chipped off some of her paint due to rough handling t___t (don't be like me LOL.) I think some of you might've complained about the official shots with the color of her hair being "pikachu-like color" but it's actually more of a lemon-y color.
score: 10/10

Final Verdict:
My final say for this is that, I give this nendoroid a thumbs up, from her expressions, one-of-a-kind (nearly) accessories, and her overall cuteness, a must have for nendoroid collectors, and especially for figure collectors who are addicted to touhou games like me, though she's not that much posable with her feet, her hands and other items make up for it. If you'll ask me, I'd be recommending you to buy it.
score: 9/10

Though it might be hard to get her now since she's an exclusive nendoroid and her price might've gone up higher due to her rarity.


  1. How much does it cost?

    1. Flandre pops up between the 5k-6k+ yen nowadays :)