Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good Smile Company's Upcoming Nendoroid Tomoe Mami

Mami-saaaaaaaaaaan! 8D

And here's another 2 days late post XD

And it's probably too late already for some online shops as her orders have already halted. Anyway, as seen above, Mami has 4 flintlock rifles with her, and additionally to that, she's got her huge Tiro Finale gun with her and her tea cup of awesomeness (which also drove me to tune in to the series thanks to Mami's screentime in episode 2)

As for faceplates, she comes with a serious one, a cool and calm one and... a surprised one! and we all know what that means... as an additional more... we get... Charlotte... the sweets witch. D:

Nendo Mami is scheduled for a thankful December release for 3800 yen. Already ordered one ^^ and btw, pics and info from GSC's site!

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