Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Hatsune Miku -Support version-

What next? A scaled Support version? FFFFFFF

Seriously.... >_>

As another part of cheerful japan's money draining releases comes another support version Miku, this time in figma form. Similar to the nendo counterpart, she's basically figma 14 only possessing a much lighter frame which is probably the same as the live stage version; And as not creative as they can get, she comes again with a smiling face, a pair of pompoms and a flag... Really really creative...

Her japan POs already opened around 2 days ago and will be open until July 27 while the international POs starts from July 28 to August 8; Support Miku figma is priced at 3000 yen and is scheduled to be released on November. Images and info from GSC's site.

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