Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 42: Momotaros Imagin

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Kamen Rider Den-O
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 6,300 Yen (2-Pack)

Figure Box:

Just for a section, I included this again, but as for comments, read over on Vol. 42-A Den-O Sword Form review. ^^

Figure Details:

Now as much as I would supposedly say, monsters + SIC = awesome like the Wolf Orpenoch from Vol. 27. I pretty much disagree with Momo here, well, which is one of the reasons why I don't target the Imagins in the SIC line except for Momo and Deneb since they're the main imagins of Den-O and Zeronos respectively and they are packed with the rider, but anyway, going back to topic. Momotaros is and the other Taros are supposed to be wacky and cute but thanks to the reimagining work on them, they kind of lose it for me, and I think SHF would be the better choice for them imagins (though 2 of the 4 are exclusives).

I mean the details of Momo are great, I loved how they use clear plastic on most of his body, this really brings out something on Momo but yeah, the face, instead of being cute and all (yeah I really think the Taros-tachi are cute), he just looks plain scary, he looks like a bad guy with a mustache in most cases which is the total down factor of SIC Momo for me; but yeah, the others are still superbly done, the black lines are nicely done and the spikes on his shoulder were painted in silver and that's really impressive as well as having this details on the back of his neck though it may not be visible entirely, but still a great and well recieved addition for me.


What makes Momo at least a little fun for me is the fact that he has 2 additional upper half of his faces where he has closed eyes and half-closed ones which kind of adds character from him but this still doesn't change the fact that he looks like a shattered glass Momotaros of sorts XD. But yeah, he comes with his Momotarosword, his coffee mug along with his special blend from Naomi and a tray to place the mug as well. And like always, you have a number of extra handsets, so there. And these are likely most of Momo's most catchy items from the series.


Basically he's got decent articulation as well and even more IMO than Sword Form since Momo is free of the common restrictions of regular SICs, his shoulder pads is directly attached to his arms thus immediately eliminating the possible blocks from the pads while the usual thick rubber near the crotch area are less cluttered thus he can raise his legs better without having to rely on messing around with the said material; but yeah, as follows: double ball jointed neck, ball joints on the shoulders, torso, waist, hips and on the ankles, double jointed hinges on the elbows and knees, and swivels on his biceps and thighs.

Though very very poseable and he does certainly pull off a lot of his wacky poses (like being poked in the behind as seen above :p) and serious ones with his sword; There's really just one thing that goes off for wacky poses and it's again, his face, the major let down of all, the way his head is sculpted just doesn't fit such poses which is kind of bad for me but still this won't be pulling down the articulation. Though the half closed eyes was really fun for some for the lulz poses as he looks completely smug thanks to it. :>

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, having the same complaint on different sections obviously makes Momotaros the weaker poing of the set for me, had the face been done better than I think he would've been far better than Sword Form but yeah, if you can bear with his face or even love how it was done (and I'm sure I don't), then Volume 42's certainly a decent catch for anyone. But yeah, for me, he's just a so-so and I'm only really keeping him because he's the main Imagin.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8.5
Price 8.5

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