Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Racing] Racing Miku -2010 version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Racing
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20cm tall
Original Price: 7,800Yen

Figure Box:

Her box is pretty portable and honestly, it's the first time I've actually seen such a very lively Miku box, it's designed very well and it's really really visually pleasing for me, and even my friend mention he liked the box design, it very colorful and there's this big GSR flame logo behind as well as smaller ones all over and the box color is extremely friendly; so yeah, this box design wins it for me XD But yeah, it's a box and I don't really grade it XD

Figure Details:

Now to the good points first, I really like how shiny overall her outfit is, the orange is shiny and even the white is shiny it really pops out and to further compliment it, her heels are done really well and in metallic paint too; overall the details are amazing and there's the GSR logo on her outfit too; I especially loved how they finished her headset and also by plunging in some mechanical tools on her shorts thus really giving that mechanic diva feel. Additionally, the paint job was pretty much used thoroughly all over it including whatever it is she's holding and the wire is actually rubber-like and thus, allowing you to play around with how you want it to be displayed.

However, Racing Miku 2010 is not without flaws, as I've inspected the details thoroughly, there are some parts on her where the details are very very rough, like some parts of her hair and particularly those red lines all over her outfit are roughly done; but the good thing is, these things are only visible on really close look so yeah, but still kinda disappointing for me though.

Her base like most Mikus are rather plain and simple, this time a small black round base (well, at least, it's not ridiculously large) while its texture is somewhat rough which gives the impression that it's on an asphalt or something, which would be the perfect surface for pit stops in a racing circuit; so yeah, even if the base did look boring they actually did something to it to make it a good match with the character figure.


Now the design of Racing Miku does take quite some time to get used to as the original illustrator's not as charming as how the nendoroid versions were made; I think if her teeth were actually made visible, it would've been better and my biggest complaint on her is why her eyes have this light red shade on it instead of the usual white, it's just pretty off for me. But yeah, she looks nice at certain angles but though sometimes, her eyes look like they cross each other which is weird. She isn't very camera friendly either since she doesn't look that good in a number of angles.

Now overall, her pose is okay for me, it maybe weird for a mechanic to be holding her hair while doing something since you know, pit stops are important but putting that aside and have her really just posing as that, it's quite cute I think. But there's one thing that actually drops her overall appeal for me and it would be her weird neck tilt, it makes it so hard to capture her at really good angles because of that neck tilt (plus weirdly crossed eyes look at times) I really find this Miku to be one of the less appealing ones because of the things I stated above but yeah, still pretty decent of a figure.

Final Thoughts:

Now final thoughts, for some she might look good but for me she's not that appealing as I even find Max factory Miku to be much better than her even though I didn't like that one as much too. But yeah, it really depends on the owner's PoV; but as for a personal opinion, she's not worth her price point, and if you actually want a really good Racing Miku 2010, go for the Nendoroid instead. Hopefully, this review does help those in hesitation on this by a bit, though if you're just after details for the value you pay for then, she really is great in terms of such; on another note, she looks pretty fragile as well and she's a little small too like most of GSC's Miku releases.

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 9
Price 8

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