Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: [Sega] Vignetteum Cute Ryoko Asakura

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Sega
Origin Series: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 5cm tall
Original Price: 700 yen

Figure Box:

The box is pretty small, and kind of resembles those of the nendoroid prize petits though the Vignetteum does a better presentation since there's an art of the figure on the sides and in Ryoko's case, the front has Haruhi and like all prize-like items, this box is the very same for the other 3 characters that were released together with Ryoko here, I guess the multi color works and does really achieve a cute feel (at least for me) XD

Figure Details:

Now the whole detail thing is pretty simple, the gym outfit is just a mass bulk of plastic colored in white, no other details and whatever but I guess it's pretty neat given her price point and besides I really did love the paint apps on her hair it's really a spot on subject. And those the base maybe look off being red and all the details goes attention to the setting, which is a scene in Haruhi where Kyon and co. checks on the girls. And though made like bowling pins as the base/background scenery detail, you can easily identify the Haurhi boys behind. So that's a pretty great job for me XD


Now one thing that's for sure for me is that the art and the figure representation are two completely different pieces, in the artwork, Ryoko does look really cute but as for the figure, she looks really sly, LOOOOL! And I think that pretty much works for Ryoko as a character.

The head joint does help in appreciating the rather really plain figure more. I guess the only real complaint I have is the how they made the blush but idk, sometimes it looks off to me and at times, it really looks cute, pretty much a double edged move I guess. But still I won't deny that this is quite a nice catch for me and my Ryoko collection.

In case any of you would wonder, you can switch heads of vignetteum cute pieces with nendoroid petits and it'll be a really good fit; it's also applicable for the Queen's Blade petits as I've tried in my Airi. :3

Final Thoughts:

Like Cute things? Well, I guess, these pieces are pretty recommendable since they are after all, cheap to begin with and in addition they're perfect for interaction if you're a nendoroid petit collector. But of course, character-wise, get this only if you love Ryoko like me or you want the gym outfit XD Since for me, Haruhi's the best in this wave.

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 8.5
Price 10

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