Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: [Taito] Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Petit Prize Sengoku Nadeko

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Taito
Origin Series: Bakemonogatari
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 6.5cm tall
Original Price: 750 Yen

Figure Box:

Boxed isn't very well designed, it's basically same as most prize figure boxes only scaled down to fit a nendoroid petit such as Nadeko-chan here. It's barely design and really, it's probably the figure alone you'll be wanting to inspect upon seeing it first hand.

Figure Details:

Being a prized figure that she is, we get just enough, the colors doesn't stand out too well, they look dull actually, and there's little to none detail on her outfit as opposed to how regular petits would be a little more detailed than this. But still for a prize figure, it's fair enough I guess given her price point. And what I really liked here is that she has her hair dyed green as the one we saw in the Renai Circulation OP of the series, it's pretty cute I think and she's even holding the charm that Araragi gave her I think XD One thing I'd like to note as the ultimate flaw though is that the ball that pegs on her back gets loose quite easily so it's a little annoying sometimes; also at some point, you also get to feel that they used cheaper shiny plastic on her though it doesn't appear obvious most of the time.

Of course, she does come with her cap, which you can opt to place on her head but is it just me or her cap here looks ridiculously large? D: And lastly, you cannot remove her jacket...


While a prize, this prize petit certainly does well on being at par (at least for me) with the standard petits in terms of charm and all. But one thing that really differentiates Nadeko from others is that, she doesn't have any points of articulation except her neck unlike standard releases (the Hitagi in the same line had more) So this pretty much makes her more of a static figure which is why the appeal section is here.

Basically, thanks to ball jointed necks, Nadeko does good in the appeal area since she can follow your angle (like wave's neck articulated figures).

While the cap does help give an entirely different feel, I really prefer Nadeko without a cap, as it's more cute in many ways and the cap really makes it a hard catch to shoot her face without messing around with the light's positions. Still, the options are your call. XD Really too bad we can't remove the jacket though.

Final Thoughts:

Depending on your prefences, if you don't like prize figures in general, then simply don't even think about it, but if you are fine with them then, by all means, this Nadeko's pretty cute IMO and given her price point, you can just think of her as a really cute trading figure though you might have a hard time finding her on solo since she's usually bundle with 1 to 3 more from the set when seen on sale. As for me, I really just got her because she's Nadeko :3

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 8.5
Price 9

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