Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: [Takara Tomy] Transformers United UN-22 Laser Optimus Prime

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Origin Series: Transformers Generation 2
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 2,415Yen

Figure Blister Card:

Still following the same overall design for the United line, you can just read on my previous reviews about the comments for the design. Well, as you can see, we get a view of what Laser Prime looks like in alt mode, and alternatively, when you look at the side, you see his robot mode look, while the back displays his key features a one awesome shot where Prime swooshes holding his sword and in the background, you'll see Lugnut exploding, looool.

Figure Details:

Originally the mold from Reveal the Shield G2 Prime, it's somewhat a "new generation" G2 design by applying some changes on the original G2 Laser Prime design; one of the most notable chanes on his truck mode is that he now possesses the flames, much much like the Truck of the bay movie Optimus; while it does look great, the mere fact that the flames are a bit reddish and the front of the truck is red, then it really blend well for me; though for a pretty much solid fact on United lines, this Laser Prime's color schemes follows a more original design accurate colors such as sporting a full black color instead of possessing a sudden blue that the original RTS mold had. Now, overall the the truck is good despite bad red and flame color blend it's pretty decent in details except for two which I'll go back to later, a lot of parts included his smoke stacks are painted in really good silver.

Now for the flaws part, the really odd one out is first the side windows, while the front are obvious clear plastic, the sides are friggin opaque and definitely far from the blue of the window, a really really eyesore. Aside from that there's one friggin problem on Laser Prime, he's got this pretty flawful transformation that most of the time only the two front wheels actually roll since the other 4 don't touch the ground because of the thick mass there is below him in the trailer attachment part. And lastly, his front doesn't peg into each other that well as there's this obvious seam in there. As for a little nitpicking, though this is indeed G2 Optimus, the autobot logo used on him is still the original one, instead of the G2 Autobot logo.

Additionally, near the doors of the truck comes this little clip bar on each side so yeah, you can actually weaponize Laser Prime in truckmode; but yeah, overall, it's still pretty much okay but I think the original G2 Laser Prime toy works a bit more better.

Now for the Robot mode, while it is obviously Laser Optimus, the head definitely does not spell or even capture the Prime-ish look though it's not bad IMO, just not... Optimus... Overall it's also not that bad but yeah, his hands look weird at some point even his legs XD But yeah, it's really not bad and over time, I think the design will grow on the owner (like it did on me); Compared to the RTS one, this sports more accurate colors except probably his windows where it should be orange iirc, but yeah, the design's pretty neat and pretty lanky for a Prime so that's what probably makes it look all the more odd. XD Probably the real complaint I have would be those door panel that acts as annoying kibble on his arms as it really looks BAD.

One of the nicest touches I'd like to mention on Laser Prime is that on robot mode, you can actually look through his chest windows and reveal the Matrix of Leadership inside, which really appeals to me quite well.

Additionally, Laser Optimus has decent light piping but sometimes it might look cool, sometimes it won't. XD

Additionally, though not documented, you can sheath his Sword on the jetpack looking kibble on his back which is pretty neat and genius for me. 8D


His neck joint is definitely one of the most amazing neck joints I've seen so far in the TF figures; he's basically ball jointed but thanks to the flipping panel for his transformation, you can actually extend his capabilities even more.

Now is arms have a lot of points; basically his shoulders have two points, one at the actual connection point from the body and one at the connection point of the arm from the shoulder pads, the first acting as a limited hinge and full swivel while the latter hinges and these actually does pretty interesting arm positions which you will see later one; he does retain a bicep swivel and an elbow hinge though I wish it could've been a double jointed one since this Prime is an articulated monster; lastly, despite the weird hands, they're actually very VERY poseable possessing a ball from the connector while a hinge that allows you to do quite good sword poses such as pointing it at something.

Now aside from having already good ones, he comes with a waist swivel too even if it's not part of his transformation which is pretty generous for the designer to do actually though it doesn't fully twist because of the wheels on his legs but yeah, even just a little twist would help in dynamism.

Now for the legs, he's got ball jointed hips, thigh swivels, knee hinges and a ball with hinge ankles; a very powerful combination of joints indeed though one more gripe is that his knees have a hard time bending but still even with such, thanks to this guy's ankle joints, he can effin' kneel properly.

Despite having a somewhat weird reimagination of the Laser Rod Prime, and that it takes time to actually like him; I know a powerful articulated figure when I see one and Laser Prime's definitely one of them; he can hold his sword with both hands despite the weird panel kibbles, he can reach it's handle when sheathed at his back and he can definitely pull off a lot of dynamic sword poses. Laser Prime is definitely the best articulated TF figure in my overall TF collection right now.

If ever you feel he's lacking accessories, you can always give him more, and I really like giving him the Axe (DotM reference, anyone?) But yeah, he's definitely fun in many ways.

Final Thoughts:

Well, it's actually really always a choice of color scheme and if you're willing pay a higher price for some little paint app changes, but yeah, this mold, though not as osom as the original Laser Prime design is definitely worth picking up; his insane articulation makes up for his price and definitely makes the price worth it. And if ever you're bugged about his arms, feet and head... then, you can wait for MakeToys to release their G2 Prime upgrade parts which gives us a whole lot more awesome of a Laser Prime, the main reason why I actually picked up this Prime mold instead of what's supposed to be my initial target Prime mold.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8.5
Price 9

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