Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Smile Company's Upcoming Nendoroids Kagamine Rin and Len -Cheerful version-

And this month's Cheerful Japan pre-orders are the twins!

Great way for more wallet killing >_>

Both Rin and Len will come with their own sets of pompom pairs, and my guess is that they'd be the very same pompoms as Miku's just recolored. XD As for individual items, Rin will come with a whistle while Len comes with a megaphone; though not stated in either of their product pages, they will come with a flag, and it's probably one of each, if you see the main pic above, you have the twins hold them up and connect the flags (which is why I decided to bundle their news in one post) XD

Similarly to the Support Miku release, these vocaloids will come with their original accessories and faceplates which is a big chance for those who missed the somewhat gold twin nendos nowadays. Each of them are priced at the standard 3000 yen price and orders for both Japan and International customers are opened from today til the 29th of August; release of both will be December for Japan and January for International customers respectively. Images and info their individual product pages: Rin, Len. Do note that they are sold individually and not as a set.

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