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Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid 170 Hatsune Miku -Support version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 3,000 yen

A warm smile that gives hope, "You Are Not Alone"...

Figure Box:

And so, here's a rather fast review (as requested and as of self-interest) of Nendoroid no. 170: Hatsune Miku Support version or what GSC english page marks as Cheerful version. The box itself is pure white with flowers on each of the borders of the front of the box, while it's pretty plain, the color scheme actually works for something that's an encouragement figure for those affected by the tsunami in Japan months ago.

Additionally, it's box is pretty unique as the top, bottom and sides contain kiddie scribbles of Miku all smiling and ready to cheer up someone; it's very unique since, by default, those would've been more product shots and I actually love the idea of it XD

Figure Detail:

As you all know (or not), the support version is a type of expansion of the original Nendoroid 33 Miku, instead of giving a thought on the detail, I'll be comparing stuff from of that Miku and this Miku. First up for the head, while it's not pretty evident in my shots; or it can also probably an effect of color fading since I got my nendo 33 two years ago. But as you'd zoom in the pic from below, the Support version has a rather darker green eyebrows and eyes themselves and a somewhat more flesh tone of a skin color but again, this may just be a color fade effect from the old one.

Support (left); Original (right)

The hair color has also changed, as the new model has the more green-ish color as opposed to the more blue-ish of the original; It might really be hard to tell on the shot but on hand there's quite a visible difference on them XD

Support (left); Original (right)

As for her headphones; The old one has a rather gloss finish on the black and pink paint apps while the support version has a more flat color scheme; the two dots on her mic also has changed from my pieces, similar to her hair, the dots on support are more green-ish while the original had it as more blue-ish.

For both pictures: Support (left); Original (right)

Now to her body frame, while it can be an effect of color fading again, the shirt of Support has a more darker gray color than the original and for sure of a change, the neck tie of support is obviously done in a glossy manner while the original has a more flat toned blue green to it. The originally green-ish line on the skirt now features a more blue-ish one. Other details doesn't seem to have changed in color or whatnot.

Support (Square Base); Original (Round base)

"Eh!? Change of base? O_O" Yes! They actually change the base this time, adapting a similar base to the recently released nendos, this makes the real mold change on Miku, as she now has a hole on her back so you can peg the base into it. :D

Now one of the biggest fix for me lies on her left arm, particularly on the "01" print on her shoulders. The original nendoroid 33 had it indented more to the right which looks odd actually; GSC made a perfect adjustment on support and made it printed on the center this time! :3



To sum it all up, here's a fully assemble and full body shot which would help identify some of the rather unnoticeable differences from the shots above. (Especially the hair)

One more minor mold difference is that all the neck joints now has this extra layer of plastic on the bottom which actually locks the head from Miku's body and thus prevent the body from sliding from her head whenever you hold the nendo on her head. Pulling it out though does add a risk of snapping it off even more so do be careful.


By default, she comes with the smiling face and the pompoms which are the key features of this number 170 release; so in this case, all of the other stuff that came with nendoroid 33 comes as Support Miku's accessories and every piece are in here, with the addition of a new hand which can hold the new "You are not alone" music note flag.


Articulation points did not change from the original; nendo joints on her twintails, her neck and her hips, a swivel in the shoulders, wrists and waist. Additionally, the pompoms have ball joints but, of course, you can't really move them around that much. Her joints are also much much tighter on first play compared to when I first opened the original Miku.

Of course, I won't be featuring the ones that Nendo 33 already did back on her time so all the shots here would have the new accessories/faceplate in use. Still featuring the same articulation, the increase of play value comes on her new parts and the use of a new base, as being a cheerf leading Miku, she needs to jump at times and the base absolutely does it for her; the smiling face is a really wonderful addition as its charms are very very unique even though it's just another smiling face. XD The round end of the note shaped flag can also be removed if you don't like how it looks like. Overall, this has been a great expansion of the original Miku nendoroid in terms of the play value of the figure and the tighter joints, though bound to get loose as well, are a pretty welcomed touch.

Final Thoughts:

Being on the same price point as the original Miku nendoroid, this wins it all, it's like an updated version that fixed a lot of the old Miku's problems especially the loose twintails; providing a total of 4 faceplates and quite a number of accessories, this Support version has been the best release of this mold and the, finally, change of base was a really smart move since if they didn't, she'd be the same old Miku we got from a year(s) ago. If you don't have the said Miku mold yet, want one and actually finds a good deal of this version, then definitely pick this version up, you can never go wrong with it. And the fact that a purchase of this gives Japan 1000 yen for donation from the Tsunami incident, it's killing 2 birds with a stone, you've helped out and you even get a figure at that; even at second hand, the piece still gave 1000 yen as donation for it, so, be proud! :D

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 10
Price 10

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