Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Miku-chan!

And that's time of the year again~

Where a special post is put up for my one and true favorite 2D chara of them all!

It's been officially 4 years since Vocaloid 2 Character Series #01, Hatsune Miku, was introduced to the world. Starting from roughly made songs, with the help of various composers from the great people over at Japan, Miku had climbed a great ladder to the top and now is pretty much famous worldwide. Spawning a ridiculous amount of different costumes per certain PVs, an almost infinite number of songs, an upgraded version called Append and even gaining her own game had just added the costume fest.

Also being the mascot for one my favorite manufacturers, GSC, Miku has become quite a standard face in the figure collecting hobby. And now for her birthday, GSC has also released 4 Miku-related items which I'll be posting in a while. ^^ And as for me, aside from this greeting, I'll also be posting a number of backlog reviews of Miku throughout the remainder of the week particularly 3-5 Mikus which would be the Petits from Vocaloid 01 set, nendo Racing Miku and finally, World is Mine as today, the world is really hers! So, once again, a happy birthday to Miku-chan! :3

And I leave you all with my all time favorite (old school song too XD) Miku song~

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