Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Drivetrain

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers (2010)
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 6cm tall
Original Price: 3.50 USD

Figure Blister Card:

The package design is 100% identical to that of Brake-neck, so, I'm really just skipping this over since you can read them over there; Drivetrain is one of 2 Decepticon Minicons in the wave of the 2010 minicon releases.

Figure Details:

Drivetrain is the most massive in vehicle modes of the 4 and transforms into a type of vehicle similar to movie Ironhide (forgot what it's called); paint apps are pretty nice matte finish of maroon (though it may look pinkish in my shots since due to the size, the light hits him pretty much making it overexposed) The front window (whatever it's called) is just matte black but it looks weird because there's a seam line in between. He does possess the minicon logo behind; aside from a few apps of black, Drivetrain's vehicle mode has a bit of silver and also a bit of yellow for the headlights. Overall it's another solid vehicle mode and it does have quite an amount of detail to it.

Drivetrain's bot mode is very very decent, defined torso, defined feet, and also defined arms and even shoulder pads; and probably the only real kibble here is that on the hands; The minicon logo now goes to his chest and even the head itself is nice. What makes this great is that there are enough gaps from the body, legs and arms to separate themselves and be identified correctly and seriously, Drivetrain's got a solid vehicle mode and a solid bot mode.


Compared to Brake-neck, Drivetrain does actually have better range by a long shot. His shoulders have a side way hinge though sadly it does not possess a swivel, additionally the elbows have a hinge giving Drivetrain a really good range. The legs remain as a hinge in both hips and knees. Though his head supposedly do not have a joint, thanks to the transformation you can make him look up for a bit without distorting his head.

Though having a better range, he still can't do much but at least he's good enough for a playable level. Again, main purpose for minicons really are to port them somewhere and, of course, for me, I can only plug them onto PCCs as they're the only ones that have powerlinx ports for me.

I decided to attach him to Steamhammer as I don't have any other big Decepticon and it certainly would not blend well with Crankcase and his Destrons. In any case, the best way to put him into Steamhammer for me is via his limb ports especially the arms. While it could've been useful as an armor, Drivetrain's port isn't exactly centered which loses his ability to be a good armor unless the one you're attaching to also has a slightly misaligned port.

Again, thanks to some "creative" thoughts I have, I converted Drivetrain to become a knee pad for Steamhammer's left leg. and by folding him slightly, he becomes a pretty decent knee pad actually though it does look a little big.

Final Thoughts:

I do recommend Drivetrain the most out of the 4 Minicons from the 2010 toyline, he's really the best one out there and you can actually keep him in bot mode rather than plugging him somewhere. Not too sure how awesome the first ones that used the mold are since this color really works well. So, pretty much for cheap TFs, Drivetrain's got a win for the amount you're paying for.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Price 9.5

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