Monday, September 26, 2011

The Eternal Song Episode 8: Everlasting Bonds Chapter 5 - Retake The Will

War Greymon: Shou's being persistent...

War Greymon: Looks like I have no choice...


?????: It's okay, let him be, he's powerless anyway.
?????: Now, get the Diva for me, Shou!

*crash from outside*

Miku: I'll see what it is.
Mato: Be careful, Miku. I'll follow you in a while.

Miku: Mato, It's Greymon!

Mato: You look like a mess, what happened to you, Greymon?
War Greymon: Miss... Kuroi...

-Moments later-

Mato: Tell me what happened, Greymon. And where's Shou?

War Greymon: It doesn't matter what happened to me but Shou...
War Greymon: The Master... she punished Shou and experimented on her... Shou has been turned into a mindless killing machine.

Mato: WHAT!?

War Greymon: It's as you heard, her abilities are all also amplified by the experiment...
War Greymon: The Master's probably given up on having her destroy me, but I'm sure it'll be miss Diva that she's going after next.

War Greymon: And I can't do anything to make her remember!

Mato: Don't give up just yet... There's one way I can think of.

War Greymon: Is that true? How will you do it then?

Mato: Remember what happened to that shop owner?
Mato: Your song was the one that helped him regained his will...
Mato: If that's the case, then maybe...

Miku: My song... I'll give it a try, for Shou...

Mato: If she's coming then I need to prepare...

Miku: You really care a lot about Shou, don't you?

War Greymon: Shou's more than just a partner, miss Diva...
War Greymon: I will protect her even at the cost my life!

Miku: Greymon... You can't be her...

*crash from a nearby area*

War Greymon: Looks like she's finally here...

Miku: Can you fight in that condition?

War Greymon: My body's made up of data, I just need a little rest and I can reconstruct my armor.

-The three head to the place where the crash was heard-

Mato: Is that her?
War Greymon: Yes... The master's creation...
Miku: Shou...

Mato: It's not such a good plan but here's what we'll do...

Mato: I'll distract Shou for a while, once you see an opening, hold her movements and when that happens... Miku, sing your song for her.

War Greymon: Alright, miss Kuroi.

Miku: Right, I'll do my best.

Mato: Here she comes! Miku, stay behind me.
Miku: Good luck, you two...
War Greymon: I appreciate it, miss Diva.

Mato: Shou, you're better than this! Fight it with your will!

Mato: (her strength... it's almost the same as mine.)

Mato: tch!

Mato: Greymon, do it!!

War Greymon: Shou, stop it! Come to your senses!

Mato: Miku, NOW!

Miku: Got it!
Miku: *sings*

Shou: gyaaaaaaaaa!!!
War Greymon: Shou! Come back!!

Background Music:
So finally FINALLY! After 7 months of taking a break, I finally managed to continue the story and now here you see part 1 of the 2-part arc finale. I apologize for the lack of fight scenes since Revoltech Griffon was a bitch to pose around XD

So how does it feel that War Greymon is now fighting alongside our heroines? And what was Miku trying to say before the crash happened? Did anyone get the major hint this time? XD For those who were wondering what Greymon did in the first few frames where Shou was chasing him, he basically threw his remaining drammon cutter to distract Shou and escape from her vision.

The song used for this episode was Saihate it's a farewell song actually for someone who died XD And I think it was a good song to reach out to Shou's will as her journey is about her brother who she doesn't even know if he's dead or not. The finale will be posted soon and will be up before the month ends as I promised that I would finish the Arc this month.

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