Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Tomoe Mami

Finally back after a while >_>

And here's some a few days late of a news DX

Anyway, Mami's accessories would probably rather disappoint some people since her nendoroid counterpart certainly call the shots for completion of accessories; figma Mami only comes with her muskets but as opposed to the Nendo's 4 muskets, she comes with 6! But sad that she doesn't come with at least her tea cup... she does come with the candy form of the witch, Charlotte.

As for her faces, she comes with a winking face and a fearful face (or constipated looking face which she did in episode 10).

Figma is scheduled for a New Year release for 3200 yen. Info and images from GSC's product page.

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