Monday, September 5, 2011

September Haul: The Strongest Nendoroid!

Wonder about the different background?

It's because I actually hauled Cirno on a Friday! XD

Team Onii-chan, had another display last weekend and apparently, Cirno was the only one left that wasn't lent yet, so I had to rush to GH before ingress to get mai strongest baka. And though it's against my will to actually lend something that I haven't shoot yet, I had to to complete the touhou nendos :3 And here she is so proud out of her box :))

Anyway following days I had some minor hauls as well, a fellow onii-chan member gave us some Madoka stickers from an indie artist booth and since I'm the only one who actually likes Sayaka (thanks to grief syndrome LOL) I got her easily 8D And she's sooooo cute! X3 But I accidentally had it folded so I got a new one the next day XD

I also gave out the others to friends and kept Sayaka for myself and Homura for homerunchan. XD

Last but not least, I tried out a gashapon machine at bandai's booth since there's a Nadeko keychain there, I tried once and I got her immediately (LUCKY!) XD Forgot to take pics though >.< Anyway since I was out the whole weekend, I'll try to post a coverage for the display and also for the reviews, I still have 3 new haul backlogs and the rest this week will be old figure backlogs (which would be SICs by request XD)