Friday, September 16, 2011

September Hauls: Pink, Black and White

Late post again since I just retrieved the images today XD

Anyway these hauls were from last weekend and since I'll be out again this weekend, better post it today XD

As you can see it's my 3rd Nendoroid rendition of Sherlock XD now written in full "Sherlock Shellingford" instead of being written as "Sharo" like the game and petit versions did. 2nd is my new grail, the BRS Game White Premium box and I definitely love it! Already shot WRS, so, her review should come up soon and I already did an initial review in Onii-chan. :3 I've also managed to beat the game as of Tuesday night XD it's quite short and easy and I'll be posting some starter guides on the game soon. :D

Also, Team Onii-chan will have another display this weekend which is why I'm out again for the weekend and I'll have these two displayed there, so, do pass by! ^^

Anyway, that's it for now~ Enjoy!

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