Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Hatsune Miku -CM version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 4,500 Yen

Figure Box:

Basically the box of CM version is the very same as that of the original release of this mold. But since this is the CM version where Miku was shown in a GSC commercial with snow falling, the box color also changed themes from the usual green to now a slight snowy feel.

Figure Details:

Again, as the mold is the same, the one thing that drastically changed alone here is Miku's face, as opposed to the original moe smile, she's now got her eyes closed already. Overall details on clothes are the same but of course, aside from the face, there are some minor differences which I will tackle later for better comparison with the original. Again, the details are very very smooth and are as spot on as the original.

The base also changed from transparent black to transparent snow white this time though the shape is still the very same. But to further accompany the snowy theme, there are quite a few snow flakes added to the base. It's a pretty nice touch actually. XD

And now for some comparisons!

One of the most noticeable changes was the hair color, while the original had a more greener approach, CM version have a more bluish color. While it could be a subject of color fading, the CM does has a more green-ish color this time when it comes to the blue green details on her clothes which would beon the skirt, the ascot and whatnot. Lastly, CM's overall outfit (clothes sleees and stockings) has a lighter shade to it which was a pretty nice move to add to that somewhat snowy theme they made.

Lastly, she does come with some decals as the commercial before showed Miku having tears. And you can recreate that with the decals included. I didn't use it though since it looks weird XD


The change of colors and the face certainly did give the very same mold a very different and unique feel around her.

While she does have her own appeal, I can't say that she's as photogenic as the smiling version and there are times that her face would look weird depending on your lighting setup.

The CM version certainly have her own good angles and I must that those angles are pretty much spot on. But then again, the pose actually looks pretty nice for the closed eye face. But on overall basis, I can't say the appeal is as strong or anywhere close the original for me.

Final Thoughts:

For a Miku figure, I will say she's good, however, she's just not in the top tier Miku figures for me, unlike her original counterpart. While the CM is one of the more successful Mikus for me, I seriously think she's pretty much not quite worth the original price point since she was indeed a Wonderfest Exclusive. (You can find her on cheaper prices these days though if you're lucky enough XD) If you are after the mold, then I'd really prefer the original release. XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 10
Price 9

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  1. i have one :D hhehe for any questions about the figure im in mexico, from now this figure will be mi treasure, how much do you offer ? hahah