Monday, November 14, 2011

The AME Monogatari Experience

7 months, 5 displays...

And continuously growing Team Onii-chan is!

Our 5th display was concluded last November 12, 2011 at the AME Monogatari event held at the World Trade Center. The event was good overall for me and our display was really massive during that event. Though on a personal opinion, it has, of course, some pros and cons XD.

The display was certainly big that I must say but even though as massive as it was, I guess I was disappointed a little since we were placed in the backstage part and probably unknown to a lot of people that there were workshops booth in there. Mostly it was the cosplayers that visited our display but the place was really cozy and we had a lot chairs, just really wished the display had more visitors since I think this is either the largest or 2nd largest display we've had so far. XD

The display had a really vast variety this time around as there were basically a number of figure lines present and adding to the S.H.Figuarts Riders, I've chipped in the Heartcatch Precure Team as well. But again, kudos to Team Onii-chan for another successful display and to all of the lenders as we couldn't possibly have a successful display without their help. ^^ Below are some of the shots I took last Saturday.

Was really awed in seeing Bakeneko Hanekawa in person, just lovely!

Onii-chan finally brought the big Mama, making her first appearance in the Onii-chan displays!

Kyubey... So evil yet so lovable that he got touched over and over again XDDD This is the 1/1 scale btw courtesy of Onii-chan member, Marcel!

Vhayste brought along another GK making its first appearance at the displays as well. It's none other than Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail.

One of my favorite figmas to date also makes her appearance at the event. Madoka's certainly ready to shoot some walpurgis wannabees and, of course, Kyubey has to be there. :3

More returning figmas are these three from the BRS original designs, I just loved the way they were setup XD

A sudden W mini-shrine as well, all of the SHF Rider present were courtesy of my sister XD While the chibi-arts Philip and Shotaro there are from yours truly~

TaJaDol with the effect parts also makes his debut!

Youmu seems pissed XD Wonder what Yuyuko did?

Of course, those aren't the only ones in display, I've managed to take 95 photos out of the display alone and you can check the entire display photo coverage at my facebook page's AME Monogatari Album. ^^

Lastly, aside from the display, we also had another presentation and like the display itself, it had its own pros and cons... I'll start with the pros first, the area of the presentation was technically very very satisfactory as it was in the very same room as the display, presenting was very good as we can point to the ones in display during the presentation. Demonstrating was also better this time since the audience was seated in front of where we presented, thus, making the demonstration a lot better.

As for the cons, well, as we're placed backstage, it's a little hard to present since we're virtually competing with the loud sounds from the stage; and we actually really lacked time and they kept on rushing the time though I understand that since there were a lineup of presentations XD I'm glad actually that we gained quite a number of audience XD (Also, apologies to Onii-chan, Sensei and Vhayste for eating too much time with my part DX)

Makes you wonder who that guy is eh? XD Loool, thanks to scary.chii for the pic XD

Many thanks to AME for giving us the opportunity to display yet again and hope that we would be given that chance again in the future. ^^

And before I finish this post, Team Onii-chan is yet again getting ready for the final display this year which we would be at the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special on December 28-29, 2011 at the SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 1. And here's looking to another successful display and hopefully, we can end it with a bang!

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