Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bandai's Upcoming S.H.Figuarts Shiny Luminous

A little late of a news but I must post it!

Because it's Shiny Loli.. err... Luminous XD

Following the recent release of tamashii web exclusives Cure Black and Cure White in their Max Heart outfits comes their 3rd member from the series, Hikari Kujo a.k.a Shiny Luminous. Though not really a Cure, she does seem to be considered one in terms of the All Stars Movies but alas, Luminous will come with special grips to make it seem like the heartiel baton is floating in mid air; the heartiel baton itself will come in two forms. While also having the heartiel brooch which she gets later on. Luminous, according to tamashii web's product page, will have 3 faces, 4 left hands and 6 right hands.

Like her friends and partners, she'll also come with her designated mascots, Porun and Lulun; as well as the usual special stand that each cure SHF comes with.

As the main picture indicates, Shiny Luminous is another Tamashii Web exclusive and will be released on March 2012 for 3990 yen. Luminous is my most fave throughout the entire cureverse so she was a no brainer get for me. XD

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