Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Hauls: The First Half


I've been too busy playing Dragon Nest recently so, late posts and no reviews recently XD

Miku Append actually arrived last month but since I asked my friend to get it from amiami instead of where I usually get my stuff, I had to wait when he was available so I only got it on November's first Sunday XD. I've got a lot of stuff waiting to be opened and review and hopefully I can proceed soon enough.

As for the other, I was out on a client meeting last Tuesday and when I was about to go back to the office I dropped by Glorietta to eat lunch and eventually passed through Toys R Us along the way back, to my surprise, they already had Transformers Prime's Wave 1 of Deluxe classes along with the Deluxe Prime and Megs set. Though I would usually wait for the Takara releases, the hasbro counterparts were good enough (except for Bumblebee's cheap colors) and so, without further delay, I got my first Starscream and maybe I'll try to get Arcee next time along with Bulkhead as my only hasbro targets, I'll most likely be hitting Takara's Prime releases once they're out. XD

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