Thursday, January 26, 2012

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Akemi Homura -School Uniform version-

Another figma EX coming our way~

And here's the start of a bunch of late news...

And so, we have more moemura coming our way! While equipped with her default shy expression, she also comes with a closed eye face. Of course, as an added bonus, you can always use the body frame to recreate the present Homura in school uniform.

But wait, if you think it's easy to pass on, you might regret it... She also comes with a hairpiece with Madoka's ribbon it! As well as an additional serious face for mahou shoujo Homura.

Additionally from the bow and arrow she's using in the epilogue (which also comes with the package), she also comes with two new firearms! A really surprising move.

Figma Moemura here will be part of Max Factory's offerings for the upcoming Wonder Festival Winter 2012, of course, it will have an online release as well. Figma Homura school uniform is priced at 3000 yen. And since there are quite a number of ways to get her, you can read on at GSC's product page.

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