Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Murakami's Miku Collection (As of Year End 2011)

Ever wondered how many Mikus I have? XD

And thankfully during my annual cab/figure/room cleaning I thought of capturing this!

And so with roughly 2 and 1/2 years into collecting, this is the green (well not really full green since there are Snow Mikus) utopia I've managed to build and is probably what can define me as a collector.

Even though I still lack a few more Mikus to date, presented in the picture above would be all my 34 Miku figures right now with the ones in boxes still unopened and also included would be the PSP Game Project Diva, a cospa Mug and the Mixing Box package. So yeah, with only 5 more remaining before it reaches 39, I wonder who will be the 39th Miku in my collection. XD

My friend would usually refer to me as the biggest Miku collector in the Philippines but I'm pretty sure I'm one of but not really the biggest in the country though XD I personally don't take doubles of a single figure so, my goal is just to try and collect all the different Miku figures to date as long as it's not a keychain and the pvc itself is different at least just in color (since there are cases like World is Mine and the Music Boxes where the Miku figure didn't change, only the base). And that's it for this post! XD Hauls, Event ender and the usual Top 10 would follow soon XD

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