Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wave's Upcoming Beach Queens 1/10 Aiba Ruri

The will giver to Arma... in her swimsuit to boot!

I'm quite surprised that Wave added Sacred Seven to their list XD

It was pretty eyecatching that it would be wave to open the first(?) figure pre order for the series of Sacred Seven since I've been hyped and wishing that Bandai would somehow make SHFs for them but anyways, back to the topic.

I can't remember pretty well if Ruri did wear such in the series but it's pretty cute although not really that amazing XD It would be a good addition to any BQ line collectors though and aside from the ingenius neck joint Wave's been producing, Ruri also comes with hair ponytail untied.

Ruri is scheduled for a July release and is priced at 4,400 yen. Images and info from wave's product page.

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