Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bandai's Upcoming D-Arts Knight Blazer

A very late news but still definitely worth blogging anyway.

Because I had so much fangasms when this guy was announced, definitely an iconic video game character!

I was always a fan of Wild Arms series but it was 2nd Ignition which left a mark in my head and most of the contribution to how that happened because of this guy, Ashley, the main character, has the 100FP skill, Access, early in the game which transforms him into this toku-like guy called Knight Blazer who also happens to have an imba Theme which overrides even boss themes and seriously, this guy is ridiculously cool and over powered. 

But enough with the fangasms, on with the figure! Bandai actually makes this guy sooooo much complete; Aside from putting on the Knight Fencer with him and allowing you to open up his chest for the Banishing Blaster, bandai included THE Rock, the pedestal he is stepping on the opening sequence (see main image). 

Now, being complete and all; just a wishful thinking is that I hope they include Dean Stark's Twin Fenrir as a first release bonus (hey, it's free to wish XD) But anyway, as late news, Knight Blazer is part of the July wave release of bandai and is priced at 3,990 yen. Images and info from Tamashii's product page.

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