Friday, June 1, 2012

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Emiya Kiritsugu

It's the cool yet somewhat mean master

But he's definitely way cooler than his adopted son (apologies to his fans)

Figma Kiritsugu look totally neat, I love how they actually made him and the fact that he can have a hand on pocket pose, pretty neat! Kiritsugu comes fully loaded with accessories featuring 3 different guns and one of which even has a "reload" gun option. He comes with his cigar and also an effect part for some mean firepower.

As seen from the images above, he comes with his usual lifeless face, a serious face and lastly, his weird smiling face (IMO Kiritsugu looks weird when he smiles XD)

Kiritsugu is set for a September release for 3800 yen. I always find him to be a really cool guy from the Fate series and liked his design ever since I saw his Max Factory scaled figure from years ago; so, even if I had disposed all of my Fate series figures, I'm definitely picking him up. Images and info from GSC's page.

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