Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Revoltech Mini Danboard -Amazon version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Origin Series: Yotsubato!
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 8cm tall
Original Price: 1000 yen


Before I start off, this figure was given to me by a friend of mine, he goes by the username, lucifer, on mfc, I'd like to think of it as a sponsored item in a way haha since he gave me this for free, and I promised him I'd review this (even though it's a month late already xD). Also, he owns an online shop, Hubbyte Toy Store, so check it out. Anyway, enough ads; let's get going to the real deal.

I believe this is an exclusive run, although, I am not sure how people in Japan were to order this when it was available for pre-order; but yeah, it's an amazon version so it's probably something you can get only at amazon as my best guess. But anyway, as you can see above the packaging looks pretty amazing, haha, it's designed to look like a parcel from Amazon, which, made me really amazed with it for being so creative.  The front also has a red sticker of Danbo saying "Amazon Original".

You can see the amazon logo here in different sides of the box, and the box easily opens via a door like front cover. It's pretty small and easy to store and again, I just love the packaging design. xD But enough on the box, and let's release this mascot material figure!


As you can see Danbo is a boxed up boy, pretty much all his parts are made from unused boxes and thus, giving, a very boxy silhoutte. Since this is an Amazon Exclusive, as compared to the original of being just a plain brown box, this guy's filled with 'Amazon.co.jp' markings all over his head box and torso box. A lever/switch can be found on the right of his head, and the eyes and mouth are made of clear plastic. Bet you can guess what that means already~

His arms and legs retain the plain box features; the Amazon markings really does help make the figure stand out a bit more since it looks "detailed".

You might have  noticed that one unique box placement on Danbo is that the torso box is opened to give space for his legs. What's amazing here is that the opened flaps are not rock hard plastic, when you move his legs, they actually bend outwards as well, a really good choice IMO. 

Going to minor joys of your blogger here, I love the fact that on the edges of the boxes, there are rough textures that help make it look realistic. And also, if you can see above, you'll also notice that the bottom of the legs and arms actually have unopened box details on them instead of just leaving it plain brown, so yeah, these details really get to me and gives the figure a huge plus.

Pulling off Danbo's head reveals a battery slot beneath that rectangular box.

So, we have the following: clear eyes, a switch, a battery slot... Hmmm, what could it be? None other than a light gimmick of course! Switching on makes Danbo's eyes emmit a really good light and this IMO lets the figure have a knack for a creepy figure factor.

Just see how much light this thing does when all the lights are turned off, pretty neat and creepy if you ask me.

Now since this is the Danbo MINI version, he, of course, stands shorter than most revoltechs, and as for size comparison, below would be him standing next to the ever cute blog mascot, and another one stand next to Revoltech Airi.


I won't really call it an accessory, but if it's accessories you want, you won't find it here. He only comes with a round "amazon" base and a revoltech "amazon" parts storage box. And the base practically is useless since Danbo can stand just fine on his own, While the storage box, well? What else is there to store? Though useless it might seem, still pretty much welcomed rather than having none at all, right?

Articulation Points:

I'll say as early as now, Danbo is almost a brick when it comes to articulation, it even beats the crap out of Power Core Combiners when it comes to articulation points and its limits. Basically, he has a  revolver joint on his neck, his shoulders and his hips.

The neck articulation is Danbo's most flexible joint, as the range of upward and downward motion are quite satisfactory while rotating to his left or right fully is a hindered by his deisgn.

His shoulder points are double edged, they have good range but the upward motion they can do is limited to how Danbo's big box head is titled, it could be limited to mere less than 90 degree bend if the head's tilted downwards.

Now for the most ridiculous point, the legs... while the revolver joints does allow swiveling via the thighs, Danbo's legs are too thick to even make use of it, and swinging them forward or backward also is very limited and you can't use the stand anymore once he's on a walking pose since the stand pegs directly on his flat foot.


With his limited articulation, Danbo certainly could not do much, I actually was running out of ideas on how I can make wonders out of this mascot; in the end, I couldn't think of any, so I made creepy shots...

It is fun when you have him interact with other figures though, such as sighting exotic creatures, or creeping the heck out of fellow mascots. Or doing a hand stand on top of a great happy meal figure known for it's ability to balance out several objects.

But then, maybe he was made by a troll to scare the living life out of Hachune-chan? :p

Final Thoughts:

While the details are certainly strong, as an articulated lover, I was shocked by the fact that I even had a much harder time thinking of how to have fun posing this guy around. Indeed, one who likes articulation as myself, would be dissatisfied but hey, I'm not saying the figure is bad, for a mascot material figure, you can certainly tag this thing along your out of town/country trips and he certainly would look fun when shot with the outside world.

I give this cute yet creepy little dude a 3 out of 5.

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