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Review: Revoltech Queen's Blade Airi

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Figure Number: 002
Origin Series: Queen's Blade
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 13.5cm tall
Original Price: 2,900 Yen


Airi's package and probably most Queen's Blade Revoltech releases have the same box, a rectangular box with a Q where the window is also placed, pretty much standard revoltech packaging, just a different layout since it's a different; nothing special to mention, just a plain box with a Q, you can't even see all of the accessories through the window but hey, that's why we have product shots at the back, right? XD She does come with those 1/4(1/3?) a box of a fine printed advertisement of the figure.


Airi isn't particularly the most beautiful thing you'll see when it comes to details. Some things are just particularly off and unpleasant to look at. I'll start with probably the best detail of the figure, the head; Airi's head was done pretty well from ribbons to laces and whatnot, the revolver joint on her twin tails are well hidden which is a plus at it looks smooth overall. What disappointed me is that instead of using a pull out hairpiece, she actually has a hinged hairpiece, thus popping out a horrible reversed U seam line instead of something like a standard line which a minor thing for me. 


A minor nitpick would be that her twin tails have holes in it, it's for an accessory that will be discussed later, but really, it looks awkward at times and I wish they could've added some thing to cover it or just provided an alternate set of twin tails altogether (though that will also incur a price increase for more plastic xp).

Now for the biggest flaw part, the body itself looks fine but her boobs have somehow been super sized, super sized too much that it looks odd as sometimes she doesn't even look like she has a stomach as it's sagging there for being that huge. This is my only qualm with her body as the rest look pretty much fine.

Her arms aren't safe from weird details too, the elbow revolver joints just completely throws me off; it's just too big for her arms, imagine her delicious slim arms then suddenly in the half you see a bulged mass of joint there. I mean, yes it's an articulated figure and I should be thankful there's an elbow joint but it's just aesthetically wrong in all ways, had this used a smaller joint or somehow didn't let the rounded side bulge be seen by covering it with more plastic (like with figmas and Figuarts) then her arms could've been perfect. 

The legs look ok, my old photos here might show awkward positions but you can just adjust them to look proper. :p



First thing's first, no infernal temptress should exist without her handy scythe. This is my favorite part of the figure actually as the scythe edge has two variants, the default and the other one possessing a flaming effect; you can freely swap between the two depending on your mood. 

Also included, would be two flaming wisps which you can peg to the holes on her twintail, it does generate a good "floating" simulation but it's pretty limited to how the tails are adjusted sadly.


If you think the nendo version was lacking faces, then this revoltech isn't any different. Aside from the default face you see above, she only comes with 1, yes just ONE alternate face plate, and that is the "hurt" face, no serious face or whatever; which I feel is the biggest loss on this figure. Since, you're left with just the default smiling face; which can ruin the feel of dyanmic poses. 

But anyway, aside from the hurt face, it does come with other "M" mode (as Kaiyodo would have it) parts as well, this includes a torn dress and a left leg with torn stockings; supposedly for battle damage purposes as that is one of Queen's Blade's "attraction" but probably, more than 50% of the owners of this figure would use it for *cough*other*cough* purposes.


One last con of her accessories is that she only has two pairs of hands, an open pair and a semi-gripping pair, nothing more nothing less. :(

Articulation Points:

As these have been shot years ago, I apologize that she doesn't have any joint testing shots but it's pretty much very linear; revolver joints, no matter what the size still functions the same the range of hinge is very very wide but, of course, the limitations will depend on the sculpt while the pegs act as swiveling points to achieve really good articulation. Airi's redeeming factor is her poseability as it is pretty much superb with the only limit being her hip joints since her skirt is solid plastic (touhou figma syndrome lol). Though not fully flexible, the revolver joints does allow to make quite dynamic ones for this maid. 

The twin tails, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, knees and ankles are all powered by revolver joints; she does have a hidden thigh swivel on her stockings and I'm amazed at how it's made as it is not by any means visible as a joint.  


As I've said in the articulation section, Airi's redeeming factor is her poseability. Despite her flaws and whatever it is she is lacking. posing her around is pretty natural and the base helps as she is seen floating most of the time in the series. There isn't much you can given her accessories but you can indeed maximize what you have.


The wisps do add a bit of a factor but all in all, I'd say the scythe with the flame effect makes a big difference for dynamic poses. But certainly, the same things doable without the effect would remain the same; the same thing can be said for her wisps as these effects just add an atmosphere around the figure.


Of course, probably one of the main selling points would be the damaged/attacked/harassed parts, these can range from simple battle scenes to really wild imaginations, and is probably one of the pros of the figure. Unfortunately during the time I had this photoshoot, I wasn't into articulateds yet, so I had nothing to interact with Airi as my SICs were too big and no perverted scenes, but you'll probably see more of Airi in another review in the future who's from Queen's Gate.

Overall, Airi 's playability is pretty much in the middle, while she is very poseable, the lack of the faces is a big downer on enjoying her figure but still, at least, she isn't a miserable articulated figure. XD

Final Thoughts:

Being the 2nd in the line, Airi clearly lacks a lot but with her price point and seeing how it's staple in the latter releases with more face plates at the very least, I guess I could say she isn't worth it and get it only if you like Airi (like me!), you're a completist of the Revoltech Queen's Blade line or if you just want a maid for your figma Billy Herrington or Sci-fi revoltech Woody. XD Anyway, I was able to get this ghost-meido from GreatToysOnline.

I give this ghost maid a ghastly 2.5 out of 5

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