Friday, August 5, 2011

Review: [FREEing] Nendoroid 168a Airi

Figure Information
Manufacturer: FREEing
Origin Series: Queen's Blade
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 3,500 yen

Figure Box:

Box is plain, very plain in all senses, it actually has a design somewhere there but it's not very visible and will look plain black from zoomed out pictures such as the ones I show to my readers. But yeah those have some decorations which I don't know what to call so up to you to inform this poorly knowledge equipped reviewer of what to call it XD Anyway, generally, it's a black box with highlights patterned after Airi's hair color and anyway, if you've noticed she's no.168a, a meaning it's 1P color since all QB Nendos have their respective most of the time not so loved 2P color.

Figure Detail:

One thing that really shines in Airi-chan's nendo is her paint, I just love the apps especially on her hair as they are so vibrant so, photo friendly. The overall general paint is also notable as it's pretty similar to how her higher detailed figures were made (like MegaHouse's) it's pretty complete in details and her frills are as detailed as they can get being a small rendition of Airi. Overall a nice work by FREEing if I must say.


Accessory wise Airi's quite complete, she comes with her evil spirit wisps and her handy dandy scythe of osomness. And, of course, the nendo base but since this is FREEing's work, the base is different this time as it's another clip like old nendos BUT this clips onto a leg and is actually for me, the most solid nendo base I've ever seen so far since it clips on pretty tightly and it doesn't fall off easily compared to initial peg-in-the-back types. Though a problem for others is that the it doesn't completely allow the leg to reach ground level but still, this works wonders for Airi since Airi is mostly seen flying around instead of walking on ground.

For her replacement parts, she's got identical bent legs for each side while she does have unique bent arms for each side (meaning the bent left arm is not a flipped bent arm for her right); even with just these Airi's capable of putting them to good use though her main downside is that she only has one extra faceplate and it's a serious one too; people may probably be disappointed at this since all QB nendos have this problem; the 2P Airi though has that dress-torn face with it as well as another body. (But I don't like the 2P color! D:<) So there, it would've been fun if they included a cute face with her. XD


Articulation remain the same, she's got nendo joints on her neck, legs and additionally for her twintails; a swivel on her waist, shoulders and wrists. It's typical nendoroid articulation but Airi's got a card up her sleeve.

While only having 1 "cute" faceplate, Airi does quite pull off some calm scenes on her own (and even the VN02 pose as well!) Add up her wisps for command type actions and what not. The most amazing thing for Airi is how dynamic she could given her frame is not that of the super poseable nendo frame, thanks to the twintail joints, bent legs and arms, scythe and the ever powerful base, Airi is one of the most dynamic nendos in my book, a really amazing feature for something so limited in articulation.

Of course, if you feel the faceplates lack, you can always snap on some other nendo cute/wacky faces on her if you wish to do so; though it's good to note that not all faceplates would fit on Airi but you can always improvise :3) Such as the shot below where the Faceplate does not really fit but still managed to work XD and it's a faceplate from another ghost girl, Yuyuko (to be reviewed soon too!)

Final Thoughts:

Initially I just bought nendo Airi just because she's Airi, but after playing around with this nendo, she's definitely more than just a nendo that lacks faces, the dynamism of her play value had definitely caught me by surprise and it really gave her a big plus; so, if you plan on getting QB nendos, I'd recommend Airi XD She's really good if you're after play value XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 8
Price 9

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