Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Reimu Hakurei -Kourindo version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 18 cm tall
Original Price: 8500 Yen


Reimu's box comes in quite an oriental feel, it's a mixture of 3 different styles and her window is detailed to be in a quite unique shape. I just love how lovely the box looks like, it's quite lively and a perfect fit for the Reimu figure's expression.

The sides of the box features different angle shots of the figure while the box would be a collage of product shots along with the figure's highlight(s). But anyway, enough with the needless box discussion and let's head on to the main dish!


Reimu's character design is quite mature here but as for the "Kourindo" version, it's basically the outfit based on the novel (I think?) cover; while Reimu certainly looks younger on the covers, I do appreciate the variation that Griffon did from it.

Now I love how Griffon did the final product, it's definitely a wonderful and clean work; though not perfect, I love how detailed the curves and folds on the cloths are, from a certain point of view, they look like real cloth, one of the best features the figure has to offer for me. the tips of the ribbons are well endowed in silver paint as well. While in general, the finish is very pleasing, I do have some minor nitpicks as there are some edges with really rough work especially in the stitch-like parts of Reimu's outfit.

While the dress mold was done pretty well, I wish, the same amount of detail work was put on her hair as the mold look a but lacking in the detail and the hair, in general, looks very rough; and this is probably my biggest grip on Kourindo Reimu.

Supporting Reimu's pose is her left hand armed with 3 talismans, and I must say, I like it that they actually put details on the talisman but then again, more details on her hand could've been welcomed to feature a more believable human tone.

Her right arm has the option of wielding a gohei that's included in the set. You can display Reimu without holding it but she looks just incomplete without it IMO, so, I always make sure to put it in her hand. I do like the fact that her nails are painted, thus, giving more detail.

Lastly, Reimu features a rather odd pair of shoes that my girlfriend loves to hate, design wise. xD I do feel they look bland but really, it doesn't bother me much since I don't really focus on legs and shoes that much unless their posed in a dynamic manner.


Reimu Kourindo's face is definitely pure win, IMO, most of griffon's works usually share the same face but Reimu has a very lively expression which makes her stand out and step up to her equally lively colors as well, thus, making her a good subject for photography. The expression is really lovable and this is one of the biggest factors that me in into getting one for myself. XD

Pose-wise, Reimu's okay, it's not that dynamic but at least, it's not bland or boring. it's good enough to match with her face and the orientation of the head along with the body is definitely good.

This rendition of the lazy shrine maiden is definitely a good subject for photography; she has a lot of good angles and the pose itself does support  multiple angles as well. I must say this is one of the best Reimu scaled figures I have seen so far. XD 

Final Thoughts:

Though Reimu Kourindo lacks details in certain areas and even have some sloppy detailing in some parts, overall, the figure was absolutely worth it for me, I love the pose and the face (especially the face), it does indeed pass my taste with flying colors. While there's no saving griffon's bases, the figure itself is a beauty and that's all I can for really. Griffon's Kourindo line for Touhou have quite a good lineup IMO and Reimu's definitely one of the strongest releases from it, so with those said, I definitely recommend touhou fans to pick this one up for your collection. 8Db Got this lovely Miko from amiami via proxy of a good friend. XD

The shrine maiden gets a fantastic 4 out of 5.

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