Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: Kiritsugu Emiya -Refined version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Fate/Zero
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 22 cm tall
Original Price: 7200 yen


Kiritsugu's box is pretty plain overall, the frontal window is labeled with a "Refined" as this piece is the latest rendition of the figure to date. There's not much to say for me since I can't describe the patterns properly. XD So, I'll just leave you with other sides of the box shots and proceed with reviewing this marvelous figure!


Being the refined version, probably the biggest fix they made for Kiritsugu was his face, it looks a lot more like what we saw in the anime series; a huge improvement I must say as the older version looks a bit too heavy on the outlines making a not so anime-ish feel IMO. His hair looks really nice IMO and the sideburns as well as the some unshaved "beard" look okay even though they really look like they were marked by pen.

The details on his suit on an overall view is really nice, the folds on the cloth are well emphasized and I love how the tie and the coat flow towards his left. But yeah, seeing as he's just wearing his usual black suit, you have pretty much all the details you need and I really appreciate all the folds they've put as it helps give it a more realistic impression.

Now, as an extra attention, I think this really deserves it; Kiritsugu is defaultly posed to have his cigar on his right hand, and when you look at the cigar closely; it's ridiculously painted to look like its lit. I was truly surprised by this and it really deserves a praise IMO.

Kiritsugu's base is a plain rock-like base with cracks on it, I must say the cracks could've used more realistic touch on them since this is the refined version afterall but then again, it's better than some other base. right? It's also made to be link-able to Saber's base so it might look better if you have both. (unfortunately, I don't :< )


I love Kiritsugu's pose here, it's pretty plain but it also works very well with his character and the cigar holding pose. His serious face also helps give his pose a better appeal; everything just blends well IMO. 

His pose also supports quite a good number of angles, so long as his flowing coat is facing you, he looks pretty good in many angles that way especially when only his side profile is visible. (which I think is his best orientation XD )

In case you don't want the cigar, he also has an optional right hand option to hold his revolver, the Thompson Contender, which also works wonders for pose and a perfect fit for him. The revolver does give Kiritsugu a better character profile and it is my preferred display option.

Angles where you can see both his eyes look awkward for me as opposed to how good the figure looks like when only one side is seen.

Final Thoughts:

Thoughts on Max's take on Kiritsugu? Given this is a refined version, I definitely loved the adjustments they did for him; the figure, overall, looks really good and I was glad Max made an improved re-release of him as I've been wanting to get one ever since I started on the hobby. Given the two item options to display him with, I really think they are the best items you can relate with him, Kiritsugu is definitely a figure I would recommend, most especially if you have the Saber to accompany him with.

I give the Magus Killer a deadly 4.5 out of 5


  1. Excellent review. The amazing pictures you took definitely factored in when I finally pulled the trigger on this figure, unfortunately I was unable to find a Refined Saber review of this quality but I couldn't resist getting her as well. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! Glad the review was of some help to you :D