Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Murakami's Log #7: Future Stuff

Log time! This is just a cut full of updates and what I have in store for the future.

So yeah, first up, back in mid August (which was last month), me and some of my friends went all out and featured our first ever Precure themed display as one of the highlights from Team Onii-chan's display during the event; we only took one table since our collection altogether aren't big enough yet as of the moment. Worry not, local readers, we will strike back in the future with an even grander Precure display! 

It was pretty successful, we even put in a LOT of cures in our trivia (and only those who love the franchise were the ones who can answer and there's not a lot of them.) I do hope, we can expand the fanbase here in the Philippines since we have had a few converts from the event lol, though I'm pretty sure there's a good number of fans out there too. My friend also told me to create facebook page for Precure Collectors in the Philippines, I'm still thinking if I should pull through, your thoughts? XD

Anyway, I've been building my Arms Micron guys for quite a while now, it's either I'm playing Dragon Nest or Touhou 14, or taking shots of figures for upcoming reviews OR stickering up the AM molds and building their partners, I'm only left with Vehicon and Final Battle Megatron from the to-build list and I'm done with them. I really must say I had fun building the microns. XD

Now for plans, I've always been thinking about what else I could put in the blog aside from the main reviews, logs and make or breaks from time to time. One of the ideas on my mind is that I feature Transformers mashups since I can't get enough of playing around with them; the mashups won't come from me, I want to interact with my TF review readers and have them submit their monstrous mashups from different lines like big effin micron/minicon combination weapons, murderous c-clipped formers, really neat scenes and many more TF figure fun; thoughts on this? Feel free to comment XD Anyway, a sample below.

Some of the readers might be wondering what ever happened to the Eternal Song photostory, well, it's definitely not cancelled, but with the growing number of casts from different figure lines, I'm finding ways to alter the story I made long ago and manage to piece them together. It will be back once I get the ideas straight, that's for sure. 

August was truly a bright restart for the blog as you can see, I've managed to post quite a number of reviews despite having weekend events and all that. I seriously think I can revive the blog bit by bit now and all I truly needed was a decent camera all along. XD Anyway, do look forward to 3 Touhou figure reviews in the coming 2 weeks, it's that few since I won't be able to go home this coming weekend to add to those numbers. I am currently holding on a poll on the blog's facebook page to see which figures I will shoot once I get back home.

Lastly, here's the BIG (not really that big lol) announecement! This October, Night's Corner goes Prime! Not just any Prime, it's Transformers Prime! 

Tagging along to the premiere of the end of the TF Prime Saga which is Predacons Rising, I will be reviewing a whole load of Transformers Prime stuff from the First Edition, RID, Arms Micron, Go! and even 3rd party stuff! I'll see what I can do with the Beast Hunters line since I don't have anything from that as of today; I had Smokescreen before but I sold him off and will be replacing him with the Go! version.

Anyway, that's about it for today's log. Hope some of you can share your thoughts on the ideas/plans that I have. 'Til the next log! 

Edit: Also, please support the Mighty No. 9 on Kickstarter, it's about time we have something that carries the Rockman Legacy properly.

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