Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Sakuya Izayoi

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Ques Q
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20 cm tall
Original Price: 7980 yen


Ques Q loves to take it minimal with their packages but somehow it works with all the blues and whites covering the box and it's pretty space friendly too, not much to say as it's your typical packaging with all the windows and all. 

What's nice for Ques Q's Touhou releases is that they tend to include the artwork the figure was based on in one of the sides of the box so you'll have some references if you need it. One of the sides is just another window while the back has your usual product shots of the item. So, with that I leave you with the other sides shots and we go to the details part of this wonderful release.


Ques Q's Sakuya carries a very refreshing and beautiful smile with her, I seriously love how they made the face as I actually like it more than how it looked like on the original artwork. Her hair looks well sculpted and practically, the details are pretty nice although seems like our piece (since I share this with my beloved gf) has a bit of QC hit on her right braid, as there's a visible paint mess going on in there near the ribbon.

Now, her maid uniform's well made but I think it could've used more livelier details like how Griffon does theirs but that's just me nitpicking. Her outfit's based on her look in Phantasmagoria although with some color adjustments, and I seriously think this has the better color combination. XD One of my major gripes on this is that her right hand seems to have a darker skin color than the rest of the skin you can see in this figure. The left hand features her gripping 3 knives, all of which are nicely painted. I also find the big ribbon oh her back to be well detailed compared to the other parts of her outfit and it looks really cute to boot.

As this is based in Phantasmagoria, her skirt features the roman numerals imprinted on it which I think is the biggest thing I could ever note in this part. Again, not bad detailing but certainly could have used a bit more with the cloth parts. Her boots are painted in a fine mixture of brown shades and it looks really amazing! 

Her base consists of a small rounded black base with elevated layers on it similar to how Kotobukiya Maxima's base was made. It's pretty plain, but it's still better than space eating senseless black bases but still nothing too amazing going on around.

Her right hand was meant to grip a knife between her fingers and Ques Q gives us two of these so in case you lose one, you still have one more to spare. Do note that these knives only hold in place with friction and I fear it might not do well in the long run but we'll see.


As mentioned back in the details section, Sakuya holds a really beautiful smile in this figure and having it all visible makes the figure's best displaying angle. She does look good in many angles especially tilted ones when taking a photo of her.

The pose is definitely good, it really gives the vibes of being an elegant maid topped along with her signature knives, this definitely gives a good representation of Sakuya's character though I could have wished she was holding her stopwatch in the other hand just to give a "perfect" representation but yeah, very very nice pose from the one who illustrated the art and the figure had a good transition from it.

Taking shots of an almost full body works the best for me as it does give more expression on the photos and I'm surprised that a back shot from her looks really wonderful as only a handful of figures could look good from a back shot.

Final Thoughts:

At first I really wasn't all amazed by this Sakuya but as I was shooting it after I got her out of the box, I've really come to like the figure a lot and as my dear gf says, it's rare for her to have smiling figures and this certainly works along with her pose. Definitely a well-spent figure IMO, so yeah, she might or might not be the best Sakuya scaled figure around currently, but definitely one of the better looking ones and given her pricepoint, I guess, it's a neat price for a touhou scaled, so I really do recommend picking this up if you love the knife-throwing-time-stopping-pad-chief. /knifed XD

Once again, I pre-ordered this figure from amiami via my friend's proxy service as usual. XD

The head maid gets a time-stopping 4 out 5.

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