Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Suwako Moriya

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Ques Q
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: Non Scale
Height: Approximately 15 cm tall
Original Price: 6720 yen


Pretty generic box I must say, it's your usual Product shot + window on the front, additional windows on the sides and more product shots at the back. Though I find it fun that one of the side windows are inserted inside the ring, haha. and I also think the color combination works well for Suwako. XD But that's about it for packaging!


Suwako is one of the early releases from Ques Q; so yeah, one of my comments about it that stand out is that she's ridiculously small; but anyway starting with her head, Suwako possesses a very cute face IMO, the face has its own uniqueness and looks to be quite chibified since her nose isn't really that much visible. Like most ques q products, I think it's pretty much a standard that their hair comes in lumps but again, it doesn't look bad and the details are there, so, not bad overall. I do like how Pyonta's shaded with different types of brown, it does give a livelier feel and damn, those eyes stare into one's soul! (just joking) XD

Going to her clothes, I love how the frog imprints on her clothes have been made, they look like decals actually but still, it looks nice though I seriously think the "cloth" looks too thick in PVC form which does give a little con to my eyes. But yeah, I love the paint work on her and I think her clothes could have used a bit more detailing since her sleeves got a good amount of them. XD Stockings are nice the shoes look really well made.

Her hands are sculpted pretty well, and I don't see any off colored skintones here. The left hand was designed to have her hold Pyonta.

Pyonta attaches to Suwako's head via a magnet inside, and you can very well remove it to have more look on her overall hair details. Adding to her options, Suwako is also given an extra right hand option wherein she holds a ring, which is colored in decent metallic gold/yellow.

Her base is also a ring painted in the same color as the one she holds in her extra right hand. It's pretty effective for me, but it's also very light and Suwako only really clamps to it via a peg hole on her back ala figmas.


Because of her lively expression, Suwako does achieve a very charming factor and given quite some options, she's very variable although when you remove Pyonta, she her left hand does look awkward when seen, but I think she can hold it but I haven't actually tried. XD

Pose-wise, it's pretty cute, it looks like she's really enjoying herself and it does support multiple good angles. But for me, this isn't what makes the figure win.

The ring option looks the best IMO, it makes Suwako look complete in a way and it does look better with her pose overall.

One more thing that makes the ring pose or just plainly her pose look good is the fact that you can adjust her mid-air placements thanks to her base's peg hole! It certainly puts up Suwako's appeal in many ways especially with her ring intact.

Final Thoughts:

It's a good representation of Suwako but not that much accurate when it comes to the face but still uniqueness IS one of touhou's good points (we have ZUN to thank for that =))) so, yeah, I think it's an okay figure IF you can withstand how puny she is but I won't really recommend, up to you I guess since there are also other Suwako figures out there which make appeal better in the eyes of the others. But anyway, this review is brought to you by my friend, Kyonko, again since he let me borrow this, shoot it and finally have something like this posted!

I give this divine being a charming 3.5 out of 5!

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