Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Dark Tyrant -Purple-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Dr. Wu
Figure Number: TP-09
Origin Series: Transformers Prime
Original Price: 14.90 USD


Much like Sky Breaker, Dark Tyrant comes packed in a very thin envelope type packaging which doesn't feel sturdy and actually proven, it really doesn't do a good job of protecting the item inside since mine came with one broken spike on the hilt when I inspected the item properly,  so yeah, I really hate how this was packed. Anyway, Dark Tyrant features Megatron's body on the package design along with a background and the actual sword image that varies depending on the color of your choice, which is purple in my case. The package actually says "Tyant" but I believe it's misspelled so lol.


I did mention mine was broken but that was easily fixed with super glue although my fix was a bit messy, but it is good that it's not that noticeable; moving on to the actual sword, the Dark Tyrant makes a very good representation of Transformers Prime's Dark Star Saber, all the spiky bits of details are spot on and even the wild design of the Dark Energon-ish blade have been sculpted to a very fine degree; I must say the clear plastic looks nice and it feels very sturdy compared to the solid black plastic used on the hilt.

The Dark Tyrant scales very well with Final Battle Megatron and is actually just slightly shorter than the massive Dark Energon Saber weapon combination.

Unlike Sky Breaker, all (correct me if I'm wrong) Dark Tyrant comes with a clip to hold the sword, and it does work perfectly with the RID Megs mold since you have a 5mm port at his back.

Once attached to the port, you can just slide the sword via the gaps between the blade and the spiky bits of the hilt; it works but not that well since it really just sits in place and may slide out of it when posed incorrectly.


Similar to Sky Breaker, you can simply unpeg the tip of the handle so you can use the Dark Tyrant with any 5-mm ported hands from your TF Collection.

While it did disappoint that due to the design the spiky bits were fragile, using the sword with the intended mold/character (Prime Megatron) works perfectly since nothing from the hilt conflicts with Megatron's hands. The Dark Tyrant makes a perfect accessory for Final Battle Megatron, it really looks menacing and even more than what Megs can do with his Dark Energon Saber micron weapon, Megs can actually double grip the Dark Tyrant depending on the pose since its handle is quite long.

Clashing the "Dark Star Saber" and "Star Saber" makes very good battle scenes as well and owning the other totally makes this purchase even more worth it!

Of course, it doesn't hurt to try it on other figures, I tried mine on Darkside Prime and it looks totally badass.

Final Thoughts:

Again, the broken thing was disappointing but I guess, it's just on my case but overall, the Dark Tyrant holds a better value than the Sky Breaker if you ask me, since well, it 100% works with the intended user. If you have final battle Megatron, then definitely, get your hands on this, and like the Sky Breaker, Dark Tyrant comes in many color choices (purple or red works best IMO). Again, another loot from my usual tf supplier, omniclone.

I'd give the Dark Sword a score of 4 out 5.

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