Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Micro Changers Vehicon

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers Prime (Design)
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 3cm tall
Original Price: 2.99 USD


The non-combiner micro changers all comes packed in blind bags, the designs are all the same and usually features some of the characters in the wave for it's front design. These blind bags come with a code to help you identify which character it contains, for Vehicon's case, check the back and look at the upper right section, look at the last 2 digits and if it is 71, then it's a Vehicon inside the bag.

The back of the bag shows all the Kreons you can get in the wave; and that's pretty much it. XD

Details - Vehicle Mode:

Kreon micro changers, doesn't really "transform", you just partsform most of the stuff to create their alt mode leaving a varying unused parts from a few to a lot depending on the character. I definitely think Vehicon has one of the more solid alt modes since most of the other kreon alt modes look like they were just flipped down or adjusted a bit with a few parts. Vehicon's vehicle mode looks neat and the fact that you remove his head makes the mode look better as well as the fact that the top of the car uses a lot of parts to give that feel of a vehicle. For something this small, I seriously think Hasbro has done a decent effort to make the figure look neat.

Details - Kreon Mode:

One look at the kreon and you'll know it's clearly based off Transformers Prime's land Vehicons, the similarity to the RID Vehicons is just all over it; from chest windows and design shape to the knee caps even. Being a line with mostly reused helms, I think they've chosen the right one though I could've wish it was of the same color so that the silver Vehicon head can be recreated in kreon form but I guess, they just based it off the non "transforming" Vehicons included in the Decepticon Ambush set. XD Am pretty glad that Micro Changer Vehicon's body isn't cover like most of the other micro changers since there's really a good amount of detail there; one last thing to note is that the Vehicon Kreon has a back pack aside from wheels on his legs. XD


As seen in some pictures above, Kreon Vehicon does have a blaster included with him as well as a "Kre-O" block which you can use to display your Kreon with ease since these guys don't stand too well on certain platforms.


I'll be skipping the articulation points since the Kreon points are pretty limited and this is a short casual review anyway. Anyway, summary of joints will be ball joints for the shoulders and the hips, swivels for the neck, wrists and waist.

While not capable of much, Vehicon can have a very nice standing pose especially with that big blaster of his. And being my only Micro changer Vehicon, he can act as some sort of General for my other Vehicons from the Decepticon Ambush set.

He can point his blaster, look at different directions and be a bit more dynamically posed than legos (from how I remember my old legos that is) thanks to the minor outward side movements of the arms and legs as well as the waist twisting capabilities.

It is unfortunate that the Prime line of figures lack the use of c-clip points since the Kreon hands are just enough to fit in those, so one can have THE Vehicon and his troops beating up an Autobot for fun purposes. XD

Final Thoughts:

The micro changer bags are quite cheap and for their worth, I love them a lot, since you can identify them via codes, it's much better since you can get the ones you like easily. Vehicons have shined to me since they have badass designs for being lackeys for the evil group, and the micro changer Vehicon is just neat in both Kreon and Alt modes. I definitely recommend getting this guy if, in case, you are into building armies of Vehicons hahaha. 

I got this guy from the local toys r us when wave 2 blind bags were still available.

I give the Micro Changer Vehicon a 5 out of 5.

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