Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Robots in Disguise Knock Out

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers Prime
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 12.99 USD


I won't be detailing about this part since all the RID packaging are the same; you can go over to Ratchet's review to view my comments about the packaging but again, packaging isn't really important to me so, lol.

Details - Vehicle Mode:

Like most transformers, Knock Out lacks quite important bits of details but mold wise, I guess, they tried to stay as show accurate as possible for this; while it does lack the fashionable look of Knockout, the colors, at least, are a bit true to the cgi model (especially compared to the Arms Micron variant which is in all red) by retaining the maroon bits of the car. The lights and the windows/windshields are all finished in clear plastic which gives a very nice overall look of Knock Out's car mode; I do wish the back lights were painted as well.

Knock Out sports a 5-mm port on each side of the the vehicle mode and you can easily plug his spear there to "arm up" his vehicle mode.

Details - Robot Mode:

While the vehicle mode looks nice, I can't exactly say the same for te Robot mode. Well, he has some of the details but the overall build isn't that show accurate, obviously seen by looking at his body but don't get me wrong, while it is in fact not accurate, it isn't bad; the forearms look a bit weird though, had they allowed the window to flip down, it would've looked a lot better and his hands are a bit too big for me. His face is pure win, I like the smirk although they should have included his goatee in the details.

As weird as it might look, Knock Out has the light pipe gimmick altough it's red, which glows on top of a mold that's mostly red as well, so it doesn't quite show compared to the others.

To show off his size, here's a comparison with his partner who was released in the Arms Micron line, Breakdown and his master, also from the said line, Final Battle Megatron.


As mentioned in the Vehicle section, Knock Out comes with his spear/trident/whatever as his accessory. It does have a weird hinge in the mid of the pole and this is mostly only useful for storing the weapon on Knock Out's back since there's no other way of storing it but to bend it and then port it at one of the 5-mm ports on his back.

Articulation Points:

Like his Autobot counterpart, Knock Out has a very limited head movement but he can at least look straightly to his left or right, but almost 0 range when it comes to looking up or down.

His shoulders support a full 360 swivel for forward/backward movement while sidewards can only be raised to a certain degree (around 75 degrees). He does have a bicep swivel and remarkably, despite the weird forearm design, it can bend nearly to that of what double jointed hinge can do. Lastly, his hands work on a ball joint.

His hips are on a ball joint and both forward and backward movements have just around 75 degree raise capability; I forgot to test the sidewards compatibility but it should allow Knock Out to split sidewards properly. He does have thigh swivels and his knees have very good bending capabilities as they go to a bit more beyond 90. Lastly, he does have a ball joint on his ankles but I couldn't really make use of it so its main use is pretty much to bend it downwards.


Knock Out's points of articulation aren't that bad, but it pretty hard to pose him around with the weapon they gave him; I think if they had given him the buzzsaw arm, that would have worked a lot better since a trident will work better with a much dynamic articulation, which Knockout unfortunate do not have.

Although if not action poses, Knock Out certainly does a good job of being fashionable at the very least or even doing his lab assistant work haha.

Of course, adding more crew to the scenery makes it a fun shoot, so here are a bunch of scenes with Breakdown, Starscream and even Ratchet!

Final Thoughts:

Knock Out certainly isn't a wow figure but he's a pretty nice figure, I really had fun shooting him and the mold looks ok at least. I won't really recommend him but if he's to your liking, then by all means, get one! Again, he's not a bad figure so the choice is yours.

Knock Out gets an edgy 3.5 out of 5.

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