Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: Legacy of Revoltech Iron Man Mark V

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Figure Number: 24
Origin Series: Iron Man 2
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 16cm tall
Original Price: 4,212 Yen


Originally released as part of the Tokusatsu/Sci-fi Revoltech line, Iron Man Mk V makes it into to the "Legacy of Revoltech" which is pretty much a line of more expensive re-releases and given that it's called "Legacy", it's probably their best sellers but one would think, where is Woody? hahaha. But anyway, more like their other lines, the Legacy of Revoltech uses the same box style all through out their releases, while the design is pretty simple, I think it looks nice with the combination of the yellow-orange(?) and black, additionally, compared to how Mk V was packed, the Legacy of Revoltech is pretty compact and is very space friendly. Going to the sides of the box, they are pretty simple as they are just covered in black with Legacy of Revoltech labels. The back of the box are pretty much compilations of old Mk V product shots as this is, again, a re-release.


Going into details, I'll start of with the head, I must say it looks pretty nice and almost spot on! The eyes are supposed to be white but hey, light blue also works works for this guy.

There's quite a number of molded-in lines to his sides and the back as well which looks really smooth and stylish, just the way it should be.

The overall finish of Iron Man's Mk V suit is very clean as there are no particular paint bleeds in my piece. The amount of detailing Kaiyodo has put on this Iron Man armor is damn satisfying as they really pop out even from afar and the arc reactor is pretty well molded as well. As far as the paint goes, I love their choice of silver as it really is eye pleasing, however, for their choice of Maroon, while it looks really great, I fear that in a bad temperature environment, the Maroon mght just fade into a pinkish hue which you can see on his fists in two of the pictures below; though I really hope that's not the case.


Accessories is where I feel Mk V loses big time, I know the suit had a very short screen in Iron Man 2 but the accessory count is really just too low, coming with two pairs of open hand variants (one for flight, which we really haven't seen in the movie, and one for repulsor blasting), the Mk V suitcase and lastly the crappy V-shape base with no stand. Now, I really wish they gave us some battle damaged parts or even just repulsor blast effects actually but well, it's really such a sad accessory count.

Articulation Points:

For articulation, pretty much all points of Mk V's articulation points are revolver joints so technically unless the mold gets in the way, you have a hinge in all points and you can swivel them on each end of the connection ports. For his head, there is a great amount of upward and downward movement in there. There's also a great side movement in the head and do note that revolver joints are location in both the top and bottom of the neck.

Mk V can fully rotate its arms via the shoulders as well as raise it to a little more than 90 when it comes to sideways. As how revolver joints work, you can of course, swivel at the biceps (or even in the elbows); the elbows does have bit more than 90 bend so I guess it's ok seeing as his elbows aren't even double jointed. And lastly, his hands do work like your typical figuarts and the new generation figmas as you have a hinge on the wrist which can also be rotated at its connection points.

What's neat is that Mk V's shoulder pads are also powered by revolver joints!

As far as torso articulation is concerned, Mk V's ab section has two revolver joints located on its top and bottom; and while I forgot to take a picture, can of course, twist his body thanks to those joints.

What's actually unusual is that instead of using a mere Revolver on the hips like Zet and others, Mk V actually uses a built in and seamless hinge as the main point of articulation for the hips, however, to allow sideways split, there is a well placed revolver joint somewhere below the hip piece and this certainly takes Mk V's hip articulation to a friendly level since the old style really is a pain to pose. 

Some more additional gimmicks would be that to actually make the legs look complete even when completely split sideways, they actually put a small and equally well-painted plastic there that moves along with the leg to prevent things from looking hollow; it's definitely a nice touch. Additionally, there is a thigh pad that also uses a revolver joint which you can mostly use for its hinge when raising the legs forward. 

The legs bend at the knees to a reaaaaaally good degree such that it almost feels like the movement of a double joint. Lastly, there is minimal movement on the ankles but you can tilt them and hinge them upwards or downwards; there's also supposed to be a toe joint but that feels damn non-existent.


As Mk V alone with its short-lived screen time, there's not much you can do but to have him posed walking, about to fire his repulsors or merely just standing. Though take note that it's sometimes hard to balance Mk V so do make use of the V base.

Of course, I find ways to improve on his playable aspect, such as allowing him to fire a Unibeam!

The case is a pretty neat accessory for other figures too who might be able to wear the Iron Man armor which in this case is perfect for figma Kiritsugu; additionally, the figma joints fit perfectly on the peg holes of the revolver joints.

I really wish they've put some thruster parts for him but hey, I can't really ask for it since we really didn't see Mk V fly in the film. However, in the game Marvel Heroes 2015, Mk V is one of the possible costumes for Iron Man and if you indeed use it, you definitely can fly with him and as I don't have any other revoltech Iron Man suits, I did use figma Full Spec's thruster effect parts on him and although they are slightly loose, it certainly does allow you to use the other open hand and create more dynamic poses for him.

Mk V has a really wide array of articulation and that certainly makes him a truly poseable figure so if you want him to kick some Shocker Combatman's hide, you definitely can do so! 

On a final note, I have no idea if there were any changes to the joints in this release or it's exactly like the old Sci-fi release but definitely, if someone knows, do give me an answer. :D

Final Thoughts:

The team behind the engineering of Mk V really deserves a praise and definitely makes Mk V worthy of being part of the Legacy of Revoltech line. Overall, it's a very good figure and revoltech certainly gives justice to my favorite Iron Man Armor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and my only real gripe is the lack of accessories for it. If you're collecting Iron Man armors in the 1/12 scale, then definitely, the Revoltech Iron Man Mk V is a pretty good addition to your suit array. And once again, before I end this review, a big thanks to CWToys for this!

I give this short lived suit a mark of 4 out of 5.

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