Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: S.H.Figuarts Cure Beauty

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Smile Precure
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 13cm tall
Original Price: 4,410 Yen


Being the fourth in line of the reviews to have the same box style for the Precures, I'll be skipping my comments on the box design (you can view them at my review of SHF Peace!) but I really love how the snowflakes were incorporated as a background on a majority of her box and one of the product shots at the side looks perfect for that side; the back also looks extra special with the Beauty Blizzard effect incorporated in there. Overall, one of the boxes I enjoyed with the new standard box styles.


First off, Beauty's default face for me is just okay at best, it's not really the most accurate rendition (because trust me, Beauty has a really lovely face in the anime) but it is good enough to represent Beauty.

While her hair has some nice layers in it and overall is a great mold, I believe it could've been a little better since in the paint department as the hair color looks really dull to me. Though at least, the important details such as the head wings, the tiara and those gold "clips" are there.

Before I start on the general details of her outfit, some highlights for me would again be the smile team's crest which is found on her chest as the ribbon's "pin". For something so tiny, the emblem sure is well finished in there.

Additionally, as opposed to what happened in my SHF Cure Happy, the beads on the shoulder pads definitely has no trace of paint bleeding so everything is good!

Overall details on her outfit is pretty great as every important detail has been rendered to a fine degree although there are also traces of some paint errors such that some linings are slightly faulty if you zoom up some of the pics but overall a great finish much like the 2 Smile girls that was released prior to her.


Beauty comes packed with 3 alternate faceplates in the form of a shouting face, a smiling face and a closed eye face. For the hand sets, she does come with a pair of fists, gripping hands for Ice Sword (1 included in the set), open palm hands for her Beauty Blizzard and a special joint hand that has a smile pact held (the pact is removable!). Additionally, she comes with a personalized tamashii heart stage and the fixed neck joint that started off with the Heartcatch wave of SHFs.

I believe the faceplates are perfect for Beauty as a character especially with the inclusion of the closed eyes face as this definitely reflects a lot on her character. Of course, the shouting face works very well for setting her into aggressive scenes while the smiling definitely does give more life to really casual poses.

The Ice Sword is pretty crude, it definitely looks far from how it looked in the show but hey, at least Beauty got the Ice Sword (one Ice Sword), right?

Articulation Points:

Head movement is pretty good though Cure Beauty's squid-ish hair certainly does make adjusting the head a pain from time to time; both downward and upward are pretty good actually despite having wild hair. Looking to her sides is quite tedious since the shoulder pads bump into a lot of hair; additionally, there's also a tilt ability for her.

The tails at the back of her hair does have some movement as you can swivel them by pairs sideways or even lift them up to a certain degree. This is definitely a good design option as this does give Cure Beauty more dynamism if needed in certain action poses.

Beauty's arm movement is quite hindered such that you can't fully rotate it due to the shoulder pads (but does move to a neat degree) which also affects the sideways raise to just around 70 degrees instead of a full 90. She also has some bicep swivels available while the arms can bend at the elbows for around 150 degrees. Lastly, the wrist movement is your typical SHF wrist joint but due to how the joint is plugged on her wrists, it is a little less moveable than how it's supposed to.

Torso articulated via the ab joint proves really useful as the outwards stretch is quite satisfying though the opposite can be said for an inward bend; like most ab joints for Japanese figures, you can use it as a rotation point or a tilting point as well.

Cure Beauty's hip joints are actually pretty good as they incorporate the same gimmick as the showa rider hip joints BUT much like almost (if not) every precure released to date, the skirt does get in the way of the great joint so the movements on both forward, backward and sideways are just around as good as 45 degrees. She does have a fully rotatable thigh swivel and a very delicious bending ability at the knees. Lastly, the ankles are quite limited, mostly only being used for rotations, it can also be used for some minor hinge movement and an even more minor tilting. 


I definitely feel that Beauty's default face is weak and thus, I barely used it in the poses for this review as the others definitely work; pairing off the face with a proper pose does make SHF Cure Beauty pretty worthwhile, and while there are definitely limitations on her overall articulation. She can definitely pull off a vast number of poses that she usually do in the show.

The Precure SHFs definitely some effect parts (which we last got with Heartcatch's Super Silhouette releases) for their attacks and Beauty definitely is in need of the snow flake part for her Beauty Blizzard as seen above. 

Of course, the frame is good enough for Beauty to be able to throw some power punches which is pretty common for Cures to do.

The winning deal with Beauty is that she actually came with at least one Ice Sword which makes her the most unique release from Smile as she's the only one who has a personalized weapon included. The Sword definitely works with all of her available faceplates depending on which pose you do and is the main factor for making Beauty one of the Precure SHFs that can truly be posed uniquely.

Of course, much like her teammates and my Cure reviews, it cannot end without at least one or two dance poses from the ending songs!

(skip the text part right below this if you don't want spoilers)

Of course, the main reason I delayed Beauty's review for like, almost a year after reviewing Happy, is that I had to get another SHF Beauty, which I did earlier this year. The main reason being that I wanted to recreate what was shown in Smile Precure's 43rd episode, which featured Cure Beauty unlocking her full potential which had her generating an Unlimited Blade Works-ish array of Ice Swords and thus eventually double wielding them!

Of course, I had to lessen the cost of obtaining another Beauty as she is an exclusive by actually re-selling the whole package less the Ice Sword and luckily, a friend of mine got it. Spending extra for another Ice Sword is truly a rewarding feat for me since it definitely added an extra layer of poseability for Cure Beauty with all the badass dual-wielding poses you can pull off! 

Having 2 swords actually makes the figure complete for me, but again, a costly thing to do. Anyway, do enjoy the remaining shots below!

Final Thoughts:

Definitely a very good rendition of the character but again not a perfect release as she definitely has some minor cons and does still lack in effect parts or better yet her Beauty Blizzard Arrow; however, for a web exclusive, she definitely proves the most worth of the 3 Smile Precure exclusives. Definitely a recommended pick up if you love Smile Precure or even if you just want to try out a Precure SHF, you definitely cannot go wrong with Cure Beauty. And before I end, Beauty is another figure that I got from Onegai Onii-chan!

I do give Reika a rightful 4 out of 5.

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