Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Agent Coulson

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Iron Man (MCU 2008 film)
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 15.5cm tall
Original Price: $39.99 (3-pack release)


Agent Coulson is part of a Toys R Us exclusive 3-pack release called "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." together with Nick Fury and Maria Hill which I definitely am not interested in getting so, as a result, I had to snipe for Coulson in the local toy groups and I eventually got one with the help of my friend, Fryste. As a result, I got him loose so I don't have the box BUT as my other loose reviews before, click on this link to view the photo of the packaging which is from Marvel Toys News!


Okay, so I'll start with the Coulson's head and this is actually the alternate head which I mixed up during the shoot so I'll start with it, so, this is the head with the shades put on which is actually my preferred head. While the paint definitely has some minor bleeds here and there, the molding of the face actually looks pretty good, and does have a great degree of likeness to Clark Gregg especially with the shades put on, it is definitely THE Agent Coulson. His hair's detailed enough to actually save it from looking dull in many ways.

Since this is based on the typical Agent Coulson we've seen in many Marvel movies in the MCU, there's nothing special on his outfit as it is just a formal suit, first and foremost but what I love about the mold is that the suit isn't just your smooth black, there are actually a lot of wrinkles in the suit and if you hit it with good lighting, you'll see how it pops out and it actually does give that cotton(?) texture which looks absolutely good. There's also Coulson's tie which is in a metallic light blue in stripes, and the neatest part of it all is that the tie is made up of soft material.

And for some scaling, here is Coulson next to his hero, SHF Captain America and then next to the Asgardian God of Thunder, figma Thor. I must say Coulson scales quite well with the SHF and Figma Avengers; there's definitely a sense that Marvel Legends are scaled slightly bigger but height wise, they do look perfectly fine on my book.


Again, what I discussed in details section was supposed to be the the alternate head, so, I'll discuss the default head here instead. The default head is actually the shades-less Coulson head which is basically Clark Gregg; I definitely think this is the weaker head but don't get me wrong though, this does have Clark Gregg's likeness to a degree but not as much as the other head. I do think that this resembles Coulson's animated series look from Ultimate Spider-man though; the only difference this one has from the other is that you can see his eyes and that Coulson is smiling here instead of his stoic look.

Extra head aside, Coulson's only true accessory is his Energy Destroyer Rifle (as called in Marvel Heroes 2015 anyway), the same weapon he used to shoot Loki before you know... that scene. The rifle is coated in gun metal gray and there aren't any particular paint details aside from the energy particles but there is quite a good amount of  molded details in the rifle.

Articulation Points:

As usual, I'll start off with the head articulation and as for our Agent here, Coulson does have a hinge on his neck, thus, allowing you to make him look up or down to a decent degree while the head itself rests on a ball joints which, of course, provides an excellent range of movement in head rotation and tilting.

Going to the arms, the shoulder does provide a swivel that lets you fully rotate Coulson's arms as well as a hinge to allow you to raise it sideways; additionally, a bicep swivel is provided to allow you to rotate the arms' orientation. Coulson does have double jointed elbows which absolutely bends like how double jointed hinges should and his hands do function similarly to old figmas which let you rotate via a swivel point in the wrists and then a sideways hinge so you can flap his hands like how we normally can.

Amazingly, despite having a double layered outfit, Hasbro still managed to put on an ab crunch for Coulson and it does bend pretty nicely though stretching it outward feels pretty non-existent but you can indeed do so albeit just a slight stretch.

Our agent here has also been graced by a waist swivel which really works on certain action poses and I'm definitely glad it's there.

And finally going to the leg articulation, first off is that due to how the hips were molded, Coulson can only split sideways to around nearly 45 degrees while his kick can reach up to about almost 90 degrees; a pretty neat range I must say but definitely could do better (alhtough you can actually mod the hips to provide a full split). Similar to the arm articulation, you do get thigh swivels and double jointed knees and finally a hinge on his ankles as well as a very nice tilting range which helps provide Coulson some needed stability for some more action oriented poses.


While Coulson definitely has a good level of poseability, character-wise, we really just see him conversing with people most of the time and that definitely had me in a tight spot when thinking of posing him that's in-character. So yeah, have some Hero conversations for a while, which perfectly blends in with his default head.

Of course, you can indeed do some dynamic action with Coulson if you as his frame can technically support them from jumping to running or just doing some normal to badass stances; the frame is very easy move compared to the frames of those in the Return of Marvel Legends line.

The alternate definitely works perfectly for anything that involves Coulson doing some agent action and I just love it!

And before I end, here's some bonus shots of Coulson taking down some Ultron drones with his hero! While we probably will never see such a thing in the Cinematic Universe, it's definitely an easy sight in the MMO Marvel Heroes 2015!

Final Thoughts:

For something that's not a Hot Toys release, I definitely think Hasbro nailed it on Coulson's release, I just love the figure and definitely all my hype trying to find a loose one is pretty worth especially since I really like Phil Coulson as a character. While I do believe he's a bit short in accessories, he does come with a really cool alternate head and somewhat a "trademark" rifle, Coulson is definitely worth the buck though I can't say for sure for the entire 3-pack. If you can find one and you're actually a fan of Coulson, definitely get one as he's definitely a good 6-inch representation of the character. And before I end the review, a big thanks to Ferrari Aquino from Pinoy Sulit Toys for selling this one and, once again, to Fryste of Fryste-Claudandus (do check out their page!) as I couldn't have gotten my hands on this without his help! Anyway, below's a rather heartbreaking scene inspired from the 1st Avengers movie as my final thoughts shot feature. 

I do give Agent Coulson a 5 out of 5.

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